The Dark Crystal

Thra is part of a triple-star system. It's not impossible for an earth-type planet to survive in such a system, but it wouldn't be very common.

One of the "wise and gentle" mystics. This is a lot like the Star Trek episode "The Enemy Within," where Kirk gets split into two parts, one is very, very passive and peaceful and the other is very, very aggressive and nasty.

The Skeksis get some renewal from the Dark Crystal, but not much.

Jen playing his flute.

Jen is shown the shard that he must find.

The old Emperor lies dying.

A new Emperor is chosen.

The Great Crystal was darkened when the UrSkeks split into two, shattering the crystal and breaking off a shard.

Aughra, origins unknown. She could be the last of her kind, the only one of her kind, or perhaps an extra-terrestrial that came to Thra and stayed. At least that would account for her knowledge of the planet and star positions.

Jen gets his first view of Aughra's orrery/observatory/laboratory.

The garthim attack the observatory.

Jen watches Aughra's observatory being destroyed. I tend to think that the UrSkeks built the observatory for her and she doesn't seem to have any telescopes or anything, yet she seems to have a complete 3-D model of the solar system that Thra is part of.


The Skeksis having their dinner. Imagine taking this lot to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Kira's first appearance.

The mystics are on their way to the Great Castle.

A view of the Gelfling ruins.

Jen and Kira in Gelfling ruins, indicating the Gelfing were numerous enough at one time to construct at least one building and probably more.

Kira riding a landstrider.

A Podling is drained of its life essence.

The landstrider battles the garthim.

Kira demonstrates that the Gelfling females can still glide using their wings.

Trust no one.

Kira is being drained by the Skeksis device.

Kira calls on the animals to free themselves. They do and attack the Skeksis scientist, knocking him into the pit.

The Mystics get closer to the castle.

Jen climbing up the passway, trying to escape the garthim and reach the Great Crystal.

To reach the crystal, Jen has to come in from above it, then leap over to it, hoping he can hold on.

The time of the Great Conjunction gets closer.

The Skeksis await, thinking this will give them unrivaled power.

Kira has thrown the piece of the shard to Jen.

One of the Skeksis stabs her in the back.

The effect of the Great Conjunction on the crystal begins.

Once the crystal shard has been put back the crystal is able to purify itself and return to its former brilliance.

Jen and Kira.

Jen and Kira.

The castle begins to slough off the accumulated centuries of filth from the effects of the Skeksis and the shattered crystal.

As the crystal is healed, the podlings are restored to their former health and are able to flee the castle.

The power of the conjunction is directed through the bodies of the mystics, grabbing on to the Skeksis and blending the two back together.

They are joined together, "the two made one."

The UsSkeks are restored to their former selves.

They are able to restore Kira to life.

Jen and Kira watch the UrSkeks leave.

Jen and Kira are left to restart the Gelfling race.

With the healing of the crystal, the environment is restored to its former beauty.

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