Dark Crystal Work Print

This is the work print of the movie, meaning that this is basically a rough draft, on film, of what the movie would be like. There are various differences between this and the final movie, the most obvious one being that this is in black-and-white. The Skeksis speak Skeksis and not English (most of the time). The images are not very clear but, again, that is what would be expected with the work print.

There is no title to the movie, nor are there any credits.

This image shows just how rough some of the footage is.

The Crystal Castle.

The Skeksis standing around like they did in the film.

The Great Crystal which, for some reason, is not dark in color.

This part of the special effects were not completed, at least for this part of the film, since there should be lines of light going into the eyes of the Skeksis.

Jen's first appearance in the valley of the urRu.

Jen playing his flute.

One of the urRu shows up.

Jen meets his master, who is dying.

He shows Jen Aughra's observatory.

Then he shows Jen the crystal shard he needs to find.

His master dies.

The Skeksis meet to watch their emperor die.

The emperor just before he falls to pieces.

This version includes the funeral scene.

Podling slaves.

They throw somethings that's burning into the coffin.

The urRu hold their version of a funeral.

The battle for the next emperor begins. The Skeksis are still speaking Skeksis at this point.

The challenge stone is brought up to the chamber.

The winner.

They tear the clothes off the chamberlain.

The Skeksis get called to the Crystal Chamber and gaze into the Crystal. In this work print, it's so whited out that it is not possible to actually see anything (it's Jen). Anyhow, the new emperor sends the Garthim out.

Jen gets caught by the plant.

He meets Aughra.

One of the most impressive scenes in the movie is when Jen first gets to see the inside of Aughra's observatory.

Back to the valley of the urRu while Aughra has dumped a bunch of crystal shards on the floor.

Jen figures out which crystal is the right one. The garthim then attack and take Aughra prisoner.


Jen has fled to the swamp area.


Kira makes her appearance.

The dreamfasting portion.

Then it's on to the Skeksis feast.

Aughra interrupts their dinner. All of a sudden the Skeksis are speaking English.

The scene on the water with Kira singing. A short time later they are spotted by a crystal bat spy creature.


Kira gets to the home village of the podlings that she lives with. They are later having a party when the Garthim attack.

Jen and Kira find the ruins of the Gelfling Castle.

They encounter the Chamberlain who almost hypnotizes Jen.


This is where Jen and Kira set off for the castle on landstriders.

Then we go to the laboratory of the Skeksis scientist changes podlings into slaves and who extracts essence.

In the work print the special effect of the red ray going into the eyes of the podling is not present.

Then there's the battle between the garthim and the landstriders.

Kira jumps with Jen down into the chasm and the entrance to the castle.

They go into the castle entrance and encounter the Chamberlain. He ends up hurting Jen and capturing Kira.

Kira is taken to the lab and the scientist starts to drain her essence, but Aughra tells her to call the animals. They break out of their cages and attack the scientist, killing him, and Kira is able to escape.

Jen is attacked by the garthim but manages to escape.

The urRu get to the castle.

Jen gets to a point overlooking the top of the crystal.

The Skeksis arrive in the chamber.

Kira is spotted and soon captured. Then Jen is spotted.

Kira is stabbed by a Skeksis just after she throws the shard to Jen (which he dropped when he landed on the crystal.)

He heals the crystal. The light shines and the urRu arrive, merging with the Skeksis. Meanwhile the filth on the castle begins to fall off.

This is an interesting image. The light that shone through the eyes of the urRu and captured the Skeksis had not been shown, and in this image the entire background is gone.

The urSkeks form (again, with no background present).

They bring Kira back to life and then leave.

The urSkek says they are going to leave (again, no background.)

They leave. Again, no background.

This one I'm not sure of. I think that's the Crystal Castle in the middle, but the rest of what is being shown I can't figure out. In the original film there was the castle and the land had been restored to a living colorful condition.

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