Hanjuku Tamago

The character of the mother is played by Shino Hiroko. The mother is sort of a wacky character. She had been married to a chef who is now dead, and she is having to raise three daughters on her own. She's obviously a loving mother and is willing to do whatever she can for her daughters, including spying on a prospective boyfriend for her middle daughter. She's not above getting into a food fight, either. She helps run a swimming competition of sorts and takes her daughters on a vacation to a fancy hotel where she almost immediately dislocates her back.

The middle daughter is played by Uchida Yuki who went on to become a J-Pop star. The daughter ends up falling in love with a hockey player but this love almost results in her losing the friendship of her best girl-friend, played by Yuki Akimoto. Uchida Yuki also closes each episode by singing with the actor playing the hockey star.

The youngest daughter is played by Tomosaka Rie who also went on to become a J-Pop star. In the show there is one boy who really likes her but she doesn't care for him at all. She's interested in an "older" boy (probably middle school age).

The oldest daughter is played by Tanaka Ritsuko.

Another main character was played by Yuki Akimoto. She played the best friend of the middle sister. I managed to find out that she was born on Sept. 8, 1976 and Hanjuku Tamago was her acting debut. Since then she has appeared in over a dozen TV dramas and is yet another alumni of the series to become a singer, recording a pop tune called Ashitano Jonetsu/Passion of tomorrow.

Other people in the series included Tahara Toshihiko, Moriwaki Kenji, Ohura Ryuichi, Tsurumi Shingo, Kato Haruhiko, Kobashi Megumi and Morita Go. The theme song was Tenca o torou-uchida no yabou and was sung by Uchida Yuki. The series was aired from 10/21/94 through 12/16/94 on Fuji TV.

A breakdown of the characters includes:

    Machiko: the mother. not your typical mother

    Koyangi: the manager of a ramen shop; he has a thing for Machiko who doesn't have a clue about his interest in her

    Yuka: the oldest daughter. Works in a department store

    Dr. Maruyama: Yuka's dentist boyfriend.

    Mr. Matsushima: a married male who Yuka has a thing for

    Kana: the middle daughter, in high school.

    Tenko: Kana's best friend who has a thing for the boy Kana really wants as her boyfriend

    Tooru: the potential boyfriend. Loves to play ice hockey and wants to be a pro with a U.S. team. Tooru also works at a restaurant.

    Koji: a boy at the school that Kana goes to; he's on the soccer team.

    Nao: the youngest daughter, in middle school

    Jun, a boy in Nao's class who has a crush on her

    Yumiko: an older woman who lives next door and is always butting into their affairs

    Karumi: a boy, friend of Tooru

    Synopses of the episodes

    Episode 1: Mom's Marriage Meeting

    Episode 2: The Fake Camp

    Episode 3: Love Triangle

    Episode 4: Love Battle

    Episode 5: Battle for Love Resolved

    Episode 6: Mom's Heart Pounds

    Episode 7: Off-season Swimsuits

    Episode 8: A Steamy 'I Love You'

    Episode 9: To Each, Her Special Eve

    For a little bit more on these actresses:

    Shino Hiroko

    Uchida Yuki

    Tomosaka Rie

    Tanaka Ritsuko

    Yuki Akimoto

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