A Poem for Tink

This is another of the popup-type of books that are being put on on the Disney fairies. This one centers on Tinker Bell.

The first two pages feature some really good artwork and an envelope with the poem in it. Terrence, the sparrow man who wrote the poem, has a job to sprinkle fairy dust on all the fairies, but in doing this he loses the poem. It drops into a container of fairy dust and becomes able to fly itself.

The next two pages again have artwork and an explanation, the poem this time ending up in the middle of a fight between Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

The next two pages have some excellent artwork on the mermaids. The letter goes by them and keeps on its way despite their efforts to catch it.

The next two pages have the poem making its way to Lily's garden, and then flies away from there towards the Home Tree.

The letter makes its way to Dulcie's kitchen, ends up in a dented pot, and the pot is taken to Tinker Bell for fixing. Tinker Bell finds the poem, but doesn't learn who wrote it.

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