The series basically starts out as a cross between Rizelmine and Chobits. Some aliens have crashlanded in Japan and have been accepted into Japanese society. They are all intelligent and attractive but one in particular is found by Takeya, a high-school student (much the same way Chi was found abandoned in Chobits volume 1).

She attaches herself to him and at his house he ends up putting her in his closet (just as in Rizelmine). His secret is discovered, however. She doesn't seem to know how to behave properly (again, like in Chobits), and he's not exactly nice to her (as in Rizelmine.)

There is also a very horny female teacher who likes to show off her body to her students.

The artwork is good, but the story so far is so similar to the other two that it's actually distracting. I'll have to wait for future volumes and see if the series finds a way to make it's own home.

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