Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service is something I was very surprised that the Disney group would even do. It's about a witch and witches are not exactly well looked on in our current conservative society.

I was incredibly pleasantly surprised, however, when I found out that Disney not only put the anime out but they also did an outstanding job on it with, for all practical purposes, no modifications in the anime at all other than English dubbing.

The story concerns a 13-year old witch. She has to leave home and go to another city for a year to study and improve her abilities. She sets out with a few supplies and a talking cat and ends up going through one series of adventures after another, some funny and some definitely not so funny.

This is a thoroughly delightful anime, one of the best of its kind that I have ever seen. It is pure shoujo, no mechs, no one dying terrible deaths, but still lots of emotional feeling in the anime. The drawing is top-rate; it struck me as amazingly clear and sharp, much more so than most other anime and cartoons I have seen.

The dubbing is well done and the voices seem to "fit" the characters quite well (especially the cat's!). This is an absolute must anime if you like the romantic thrilling/tear-jerking kind of story.

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