Mahou Tsukai ni Taiestsu na Koto (Someday's Dreamers)

This is a 12-episode series set in a Tokyo where magic is real. People who have magical abilities train to become mages and must operate within fairly strict standards of behavior.

The story concerns Yume, a young girl studying to become a mage. She goes to Tokyo to study under Oyamada.

The series is about a "crisis of faith." Yume has very strong magical abilities but tends to use them without going through the "official" request procedure. Things seem to go well for her then everything seems to fall apart, causing her to question whether or not she will ever use magic again.

Complications are also there, of course. Angela is another mage trainee, a girl who always seems tightly in control of all her emotions. Her father happens to be the Director of the entire mage study/monitoring program. Kera is a young male that works in the restaurant owned by Oyamada. He also has the potential to become a mage, but has no confidence at all in his abilities.

Oyamada also has a past. He had been very much in love with a woman and was driving with her one day when an out-of-control truck caused a traffic accident. He was injured, but the woman died in his arms. He has lived all the time since knowing he is a strong mage but he still could not save the woman he loved.

All the other characters are also interesting. There are even some scratched storefront windows and Angela gets upset and bends the Tokyo Tower over by using her magic.

This is another really, really good series. I describe it as "gentle" in the way of Kokoro Library, but with just a slightly harsher edge to it. Seems like a contradiction of terms but once you see the series I think you'll understand what I mean. (Hopefully, anyhow.)

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