Weather Report Girl

This is a very strange anime series. The trouble starts when the tv network's weather report girl has to have a sub for one day. She goes to get Keiko, another female employee, and finds her in the bathroom-masturbating. As soon as she is told she has is needed Keiko is out of the stall in a flash (and in a swimsuit) and rushes down the corridor.

A major problem the station has is that it is dead last in the ratings.

While Keiko is doing her weather spot she pulls up her skirt showing her underwear. The station director is furious, of course, but the ratings jump immediately 15% and the board chairman thinks things are great! Keiko continues to do the weather spots in wilder and wilder (and more revealing) outfits and the public loves her!

From that point on it's war between the former and the new weather girls. Laxatives are put in Keiko's bento box (lunch box) but Keiko's luck holds and she ends up not eating the bento. She realizes what has happened, however, and tells the other girl that she isn't feeling well and the girl can go on in her place tonight.

At the same time Keiko slips laxatives into her tea with most predictable on-air results. The girl ends up becoming Keiko's personal slave.

In the second tape the director threatens Keiko and says that she is coming back from France. Keiko has no idea who "she" is, of course, but it turns out to be Kaori, a former employee of the station who is going to be the star news anchor.

Keiko can't stand Kaori having lots of attention, though, and another war begins with one trick after another including a hilarious pool race/fight/synchronized swimming routine.

There is lots of sex in these tapes although it's one-girl-masturbating or two women having sex or some other similar arrangement. The first tape is good but the second one, in my opinion, is better because its storyline is actually very well done and the episode is more humorous than the first.

If you like sexy, very unusual anime than this series is one that you should definitely see.

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