Children's kimonos

Here are some examples of kimonos for children.

In this boy's kimono the basic background is black, a characteristic of male kimonos. The overall design, though, is still attractive.

The first image is of another boy's kimono. The second image shows an enlargement of the eagle where you can appreciate just how much work and care went into the making of this kimono. The eagle is (in my opinion) beautifully done.

This is a very pretty kimono; not really flashy, as such, but still attractive and well done.

This second kimono features more color. Lots of flowers, still, but with brighter colors, especially the contrasting flowers and areas of green.

This kimono is also rather colorful.

This kimono, front and back, is filled with bright, contrasting colors. The birds and the ship, the red of the upper portion and the blue of the lower all make this kimono stand out.

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