Heart Mountain Information Bulletin, #1-5

General Information Bulletin 1: Aug. 25, 1942

The very first bulletin, establishing background information and future plans.

General Information Bulletin 2: Aug. 25, 1942

Remarks to the people in the camp. All the things he is saying seem to be rather reasonable.

General Information Bulletin 3: Aug. 29, 1942

Page 1: Short notes on banking facilities, housing adjustments, more evacuees coming, Nisei soldiers will be allowed to visit, barber shops and other stores will open, a post office is opened, and a thing about a bank of dirt will have to be built around the bases of the barracks where the walls meet the ground.

Page 2: Articles on fire regulations, schools, and releases and transfers. Also articles on general regulations, an information office, and notices for the bulletin.

General Information Bulletin 4: Sept. 4, 1942

Page 1: School students are to be registered.

Where the people in the camp have come from.

Page 2: People who worked in the Pomona center will get their paychecks. People are to stop taking scrap lumber. There's some housing information (like hot plates can't be used), hospital information, and information on a funeral.

General Information Bulletin 5: Sept. 5, 1942

Page 1: A special Labor Day program is set; all camp businesses will be on a co-op basis with the community as a whole sharing in the profits; Costume drafting and illustration classes will be started soon, as will a dramatic group.

Page 2: Internal security information, church notices, general information, and tap water is now fit to drink.

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