Heart Mountain, Wyoming Sentinel Supplement, Issues 211-230

211. July 4, 1944: Eighteen enlisted reservists leave Friday; Fourth of July program tonight; main post office closed today; youth drowns while swimming in canal; volunteer fire-fighters needed; bids for block 17 social are available; many jobs open in center; general information; more job offers received at the outside employment office; page 3 in Japanese.

More on the case of the 63.

212. July 6, 1944: WFA will provide transportation to centers for inductees on seasonal farm work; change in procedure for authorizing moves within the center announced; opportunity for girls to enter beauty school announced; last rites; Fourth of July program canceled due to bad weather; defense jobs offered to evacuees in Chicago; housing department requests return of blankets used at canal; enlisted reservists to leave tomorrow; two notices (memorial services, wake); general information; pass regulations clarified; swimming pool opens tomorrow; lost & found; theaters open at 8 p.m.; residents warned to keep away of area north of center; more job offers received at the outside employment office; last page in Japanese.

Someone from the camp was shot. I've tried to clean up the original a little, but there's not a whole lot I can do.

213. July 11, 1944: WAC recruiter to speak at USO meeting; summer elementary school program for second six-week period announced; changes made in USO regulations; two notices; in appreciation; 442nd Regimental Combat Team reported participating in Fifth Army's attack in Italy; wake services; funeral services; jobs open in center; more job offers received at the outside employment office; fourth page in Japanese.

The guy who was shot is improving. The shooting was declared to be an accident.

214. July 13, 1944: Inventory of government property to be taken; community enterprises to buy back chicks sold during Easter; recruiter here for Illinois Central Railroad; Red Cross messages received for Jerome residents; shaved ice, ice cream and peanuts to be sold at festival; workers urgently needed to fill center jobs; director of Detroit hostel to meet with center residents; nomination petitions available for council election; general information; third page in Japanese.

215, 216: Missing.

217. July 25, 1944: Many jobs available at Fort Des Moines hotel; new regulation for animals announced; Red Cross information; many jobs available within center; more job offers received at the outside employment office; community enterprises to take inventory; general information; third page in Japanese.

218. July 27, 1944: Cash register receipts to be tabulated; residents urged to report war casualties to block managers; jobs still available at Fort Des Moines hotel; community enterprises stores to take inventory; registration being held for auto mechanics training course; employment offered in center to high school commercial course graduates; girls' softball; lost & found; vehicle regulations announced by police department; general information; more job offers received at the outside employment office; third page in Japanese.

219. August 1, 1944: 41 residents leave for physical exams tomorrow; mass meeting to honor Girl Scout director; last rites; resident confesses to two thefts; Red Cross information; Tule Lake Co-op to redeem certificates of indebtedness; teaching opportunity offered to Nisei; general information; notice; thank you; tabulation of cash register receipts to start; softball; Junior Tri-Y meeting; replacements urgently needed for jobs within center; more job offers received at the outside employment office; fourth page in Japanese.

220. August 3, 1944: Residents should notify draft boards of changes of address; shoe stamps again available at administration building; vocational apprenticeship training offered; lost and found; softball; more job offers received at the outside employment office; general information; notice; third page in Japanese.

221. Missing.

222. August 10, 1944: Residents told they can actively aid return to California; funeral services; last rites; seasonal farm work and railroad jobs available; lost and found; community-wide memorial services; general information; three wake services; scholarship fund passed; volunteer student council representative to speak; a death; many jobs available within center; in appreciation; lost; fourth page in Japanese.


224. August 17, 1944: Form letters available for asking Caucasian aid in returning to California (get Caucasians who are friends to write letters saying they want resident x, y, z back); second batch of anniversary issues to be sold; lost & found; SCA meeting; center-wide scrap paper drive; funeral services; general information; hospital faces critical shortage of nurses' aides; softball; action on scholarship fund postponed; replacements for center jobs needed immediately; residents must leave swimming pool at 11 p.m.; in appreciation; more job offers received at the outside employment office; fourth page in Japanese.

225. August 22, 1944: Anniversary issue now on sale; CE Board of Trustees decides against scholarship fund; high school students from Jerome must register this week; pink cash register receipts must be tabulated; boys' block league; Red Cross information; only first class mail can be sent overseas; general information; recruiter for war hemp industries to arrive; third page in Japanese.

226. August 24, 1944: Elementary schools and kindergartens to open; aid available in preparation of personal property tax notices; general information; thank you; group to discuss plans for obtaining scholarship fund; residents urged to make out wills; plans completed for scrap drive; 50 workers needed by war hemp industries; contraband articles turned in at assembly centers to be released; Lincoln School of Commerce open to evacuees; general information; lost & found; replacements needed for many center jobs; fifth page in Japanese.

227. Missing.

228. August 31, 1944: Army-Ordinance Division offers excellent jobs to evacuees; general information; thank you; residents who turned in found articles to lost and found department requested to call at police station; visitors requested to call at statistics office; adult education exhibit slated; Red Cross information; opportunity for girl to attend Montana College received here; overseas Christmas presents must be mailed in time; books to be collected for Japanese prisoners; lost & found; general information; more job offers received at the outside employment office; pages 5, 6, 7 in Japanese.

229. September 5, 1944: Community representatives to investigate relocation opportunity; elections to be held to fill vacancies in community council; general information; in appreciation; enlisted reserves must report to Todd's office; WRA desires cooperative at Heart Mountian; send-off ceremony to be held; trust committeemen for community enterprises to be elected; relocation planning commission to meet; sports; more job offers received at the outside employment office;well-baby clinic to be closed this month; fire prevention week; change in movie schedule.

230. September 7, 1944: Election for 39 trust committeemen to be held; nomination petitions for council; Red Cross office to move; enlisted reserves must report to Todd's office; copies of Sentinel anniversary issue still available; Red Cross information; block 8 and 20 canteens to be closed one day each week; income tax refunds for 1943 may still arrive; general information; dental clinic opens; baseball; two thank yous; block 20 resident dies; girls must order gym shoes by Friday; hot dogs to be sold at Gila games; girl scout leaders requested to return books; more job offers received at the outside employment office; lost & found.

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