Heart Mountain Coordinator's Bulletin

Number 1: Missing.

Number 2: Missing.

Number 3: 1945, exact date not listed

Typical bureaucratic types of things. Page 2 is in Japanese.

Number 4: 1945, exact date not listed

Same type of bureaucratic material as above, and second page is in Japanese.

Number 5: 1945, exact date not listed

#5 establishes a maximum date for the closing of the center. #7 deals with relocating within certain areas. #8 notes that Alaska and Hawaii relocation requires special permission. Page 2 of the bulletin contains more bureaucratic material, but none of any great interest.

Number 6: Missing.

Number 7: January 5, 1945

This deals primarily with the subject of crates, packing, furniture, etc., in getting ready for the evacuees to leave. Page 2 is in Japanese.

Number 8: January 19, 1945

Page 1 is normal bureaucratic stuff, nothing of great significance. Page 2 is in Japanese.

Number 9: January 19, 1945

Page 1 deals mainly with financial assistance for relocation. Page 2 is in Japanese.

Number 10: January 19, 1945

Page 1 notes that former areas excluded in the East and the South are now open to relocation. The rest of the first page deals with visitors. Page 2 is status of discharged soldiers and paroled aliens; proper use of depot passes; revision of regulations on contraband; welfare assistance to aliens; travel grants for Hawaii.

Number 11: January 31, 1945

Page 1: Clarification on visitors subsistence charges; post audit of applications for travel assistance; transportation of evacuee property. Page 2 is in Japanese.

Number 12: February 7 , 1945

Page 1: Normal bureaucratic material plus below. Page 2 is more bureaucratic material, none of which is of any significance.

Closing dates.

Number 13: February 9 , 1945

Both pages consist of synopses of interviews with evacuees who have returned to certain areas from San Francisco to San Jose.

Number 14: Missing.

Number 15: February 19 , 1945

This is basically a reprint of regulations from 1942 and I'm not exactly sure why they are being reprinted this late unless it has something to do with who is allowed to relocate where from the centers.

Number 16: February 28 , 1945

Five pages deal with various aspects of farms and getting farm loans. The last page is in Japanese.

Number 17: March 7 , 1945

The below items, plus citizens individually excluded by WDC; hostels; library and information office block; page 3 in Japanese.

There are still regulations on where persons of Japanese ancestry can be employed.

Alien contraband. Again, I'm not positive why this specific material is being run this late.

Number 18: Missing.

Number 19: May 18 , 1945

Information on baggage, freight and express; special cars and Pullman. Second page is in Japanese.

Number 20: May 23 , 1945

It seems to be a draft of a handout for people wanting relocation. The document is sort of messed up, though, and the actual title, both lines of it, is basically unreadable. The second page is in Japanese.

As far as I know, this is the last one of these.

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