Heart Mountain Information Bulletin, #6-10

General Information Bulletin 6: Sept. 8, 1942

Page 1: 200 colonists will be leaving to pick beans; a couple of general notices; Nisei soldiers need to get permits to visit.

Page 2: Registration of students continue; a written application is necessary in order to get a marriage license; identification tags are urged for children; overloading has been causing power outages; paychecks from Pomona are being issued; lost and found section; 8015 is the center's population.

General Information Bulletin 7: Sept. 10, 1942

Page 1: Temporary block administrative officers have been picked; mess identification tags will be given to people in the camp.

Page 2: 26 mess halls are now in operation; construction is starting on new barracks; meetings for various groups including costume drafting and illustration, Boys' club, musical groups, and girls' club leaders. An athletic field is planned, and the lost and found is at the information office.

Page 3: The Wyoming Legionnaires have visited the camp and are working to build relations between them and the people in the camp; some of the group have left for the bean harvest; 1563 students have been registered; two births, two deaths; a clam hammer that was taken needs to be returned; pedestrians need to give the right-of-way to vehicles and need to walk on the sides of the roads only.

Page 4: An adult night school will open; college students who want to go elsewhere need to meet with the educational secretary; information on the hospital; 8596 is now the camp's population; general information notes.


General Information Bulletin 8: Sept. 11, 1942

Page 1: The entire page is devoted to information on the beet harvest project with details about pay, housing, etc, and a form to be filled in if the person wants to participate.

Page 2: Information on employment at the camp itself (wages, etc), and a temporary court system is planned.

Page 3: No favorites at mess halls is a section that deals with rumors that certain mess halls were getting more meat and staples than the others; people who want to be involved in entertainment need to talk to a certain person; wardens who had armbands but are not with the department any more are to return the armbands; Pomona paychecks are issued; Boy Scouts meeting; flower arranging (ikebana) class.

Page 4: No date for the opening of schools has yet been set; forms are available for college students who want to go elsewhere; colonists are sought as teachers; 9,233 is the current camp population; welfare committee studies clothing needs; a meeting of the Dramatic Group; the bulletin is issued three times a week.

Page 5: The court article from page 1 continues; a schedule of religious services; divisional recreation heads have been chosen; a sewing class starts soon; Pomona residents who had ordered things can pick them up; two softball diamonds are ready to be used.

Bulletin 9

This is one of the ones that I haven't found.

General Information Bulletin 10: Sept. 11, 1942

Page 1: There will be an investigation of the mess hall situation to try and clear up various problems; the mattress and bed supply is sufficient; temporary judges and alternates have been named; a sixty-year-old man died.

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