Heart Mountain Bulletin #16-20

#16: Sept. 24, 1942

Page 1: First report from beet farms in Wyoming, Montana; Wyoming governor visits Heart Mountain; community dry goods store to open.

Page 2: Statement on compensation released; block administrators, chairmen listed; dramatic classes to be held.

Page 3: Workers' permits not transferable; announce clinic hours for specialized cases; insurance premiums studied; sign-up for arts and crafts under way; textbooks arrive for center schools; general information.

Page 4: Catholic services slated Saturday; Seventh Day Adventists to hold service; what to do in case of faulty electrical wiring; electrical repair shop; colonists aid in celotex lining; recreation meeting notices; packages for former Pomona residents here.

#17: Sept. 25, 1942

Page 1: Beet reports to be given at mass meeting; assure colonists leaving for outside work; kindling available to colonists.

Page 2: Hospital entrance explained; residents asked to call for packages; Heart Mountain goh club organized; recreation fields will open soon; permit system studied; call for unfinished judo garments.

#18: Sept. 26, 1942

Page 1: $100,000 war industry to be built here; policy of community enterprises explained; Heart Mountain officials in Denver; checks will be cashed next Friday.

Page 2: Fashion classes to start; surprise shower given Helen Kojo; rehearsals set for string ensemble, drum & bugle corps; girls to outline sports program; positions open for recreational leaders.

Page 3: Civilians permitted to visit center; ground broken for first factor building; loitering in hospital banned; conclude sign-up for apple picking; importance of fire prevention stressed.

Page 4: Schedule of religious services; former San Jose resident passes away.

Page 5: Begin preliminary work in ceramics; 225 tons of coal delivered here daily; personal property may be shipped here.

Page 6: Nurses' aides classes to begin; sports; boys' social organization meeting; judo jackets being completed; warning to truck drivers, colonists.

#19: Sept. 29, 1942

Page 1: Heart Mountain school opens tomorrow; 3500 at opening of dry goods store; co-up discussion meeting slated.

Page 2: No cases of spotted fever here; procedure for employment given; 'treat them as you would at home'; owners asked to claim lost articles; new post office sub-station opened.

Page 3: Course in cooperatives to be given; ceramics designer to speak tonight; Father Lavery visitor in Heart Mountain; funeral rites; student relocation meeting slated.

Page 4: Hospital head back from Colorado center; chief nurse tendered farewell party; sports; release drum & bugle corps practice schedule; choir practice to be held by Bussei; measurements being taken for Judo garments.

Page 5: Beet workers assured of accommodation here; triple wedding held in Cody; many colonists leave Heart Mountain; girls glee club membership drive launched.

School layout.

#20: Oct. 1, 1942

Page 1: Heart Mountain host to national WRA director; three more schools to open; further colonist aid sought for beet harvest.

Page 2: Reasons given for periodic lack of hot water; Father Kemmett to officiate at mass; Seventh Day Adventists meet; Oklahoma woman visits sick parents; two Boy Scout meetings scheduled; reveal schedule for harmonica, band classes; checks to be cashed Friday.

Page 3: School starts for 205 center youngsters; chief fire supervisor inspects project; warning on work status issued.

Page 4: 2600 18-24 men notify change of address; aliens asked to report change of address; two fires reported in M.P. area; 25 firefighters needed immediately; general information; four more Nisei leave for colleges.

Page 5: Post office reports $30,242 worth of business; issue permits for use of hot plates; 300 hear Rhodes at ceramic meeting.

Page 6: Administrative staff to bowl; girls' club activities meeting; judoists asked to sign-up; girls urged to form volleyball teams; sports articles; applicants for librarian job to be interviewed.

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