Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 1 #1-5

Vol. 1 #1: Oct. 24, 1942

With this issue the paper has become a regular printed newspaper. It's price at that time was 3 cents.

Page 1: Santa Anita clothing on way here; editorial; first copies sent Roosevelt, Myer; Rachford accepts new proposal; Hurry WRA issue plan; schedule movies; Heart Mountain inspires name for new project newspaper; needy families issued clothing; vital statistics; residents get leave for outside work; Griffin warns reckless drivers; 125 evacuees due from Santa Anita; 'Graphic' magazine seeks local story; medical supplies bought locally.

Page 2: Two cases tried by Heart Mountain court; Boys' Club movement planned; laundry, cleaning services available through stores; Boy Scouts schedule confab; services in English set for two groups; residents warned of bogus wardens; select leaders for block seven; with the churches; Y.P. forum set for weekly meet; rain notice; three stores serve center residents.

Page 3: USO plans for center under way; open air concert set; Covering the Heartbeat column; your home and mine; record concert scheduled; school catalog ready soon; what's going on at Heart Mountain schedule of events; Church notes; visitors to the center seen this week; night school class in English open.

Page 4: Rachford finds project most interesting job; On the In-side column; editorials; we, too, serve; letters of an evacuee.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad column; Center round-up column; here on the facts on Heart Mountain.

Pages 6, 7: Sports.

Page 8: Harvest workers assured; Heart Mountain population 9,685; work starts next month on $140,000 high school; work hours set at 44 per week; 1128 leave for harvest; Corbett asks cooperation; Block 29 forum meets Tuesday; farm project aid expected today; plan coal boxes for residents; mess hall tickets to be restricted; canal lining crew begins work; shorthand, booking classes will open session next week; school principal moves offices; Todd attends WRA conference.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #2: Oct. 31, 1942

Page 1: 92 seeking charter commission posts; census starts on Monday; Smart lauds Sentinel's first issue; Sheridan district seeks local harvest help; local harvest conditions among best; work leave status cleared; Sentinel issues 2 supplements; colonists leave for sawmill; leading officials due here; motion picture schedule revised.

Page 2: 92 seeking posts article continues; Goppert aids plans for USO; 44% of population working on project; library gets books, magazines; fire trucks need access to barracks; with the churches column; Caleb Foote heads first open forum; 'involuntary unemployment' explained; FOR executive secretary is visitor here; evacuees entitled to old age fund; first Santa Anitan clothing given; vital statistics.

Page 3: The social world: on the clothesline; handicraft classes set; thirty-six girls' clubs formed; Covering the Heartbeat column; writer receives 30 books as gifts; survey started to lay basis for boys' clubs; Boy Scouts plan magazine drive; Griffin takes over as police head; YWCA to organize; visitors; parade; Powell laundry opens order desk; nurse takes leave to attend funeral; leaves.

Page 4: On the Inside column; editorials; letters of an evacuee.

Page 5: Democracy provides hope for future; Round Up column; one column that I am unable to read the title of; Heart Mountain name historical, correct.

Pages 6, 7: Sports.

Page 8: All Heart Mountain joins in Halloween program tonight; clothing checks due next week; repairs made on 4 breaks in pipe line; need of dairy workers in Illinois told; install partitions in 11 barracks; use of pennies; 18 classes added to adult school; mail courses offered at Wyoming U; 49 colonists on school teaching staff; authorities clarify 'leave permit' status; stores closed this afternoon.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #3: Nov. 7, 1942

Page 1: Ceramics plant to supply Army, WRA; community enterprises reports $8,999 in profit; 1100 adults join night school; project census progresses; police situation now settled; equipment due here in December; Nisei problems topic at forum; 2,000 clothing checks here; consumers' cooperative planned here; whence, wither, why, ask historic school bell; Armistice Day program set; vital statistics.

Page 2: Teachers hold sessions to discuss problems; officials attend conference; indoor games open to public use at center; with the churches; ceramics plant from page 1.

Page 3: The Social World: white Christmas in store for colonists this year; TAU girls to hear talk on 'marriage in center'; boys' club picks officers; Epsilon takes up several activities; Brenda Starrs initiate trio; ETA girls form 10 groups; Young Bussei to form group here; wedding; alpha clubs name advisor for group; three Rho clubs organized to date; parade column; recording concert releases program.

Page 4: On the side column; editorials; letters of an evacuee.

Page 5: Why have non-citizens been denied elective office?; letters to the editor.

Page 6: WRA sawmill will employ 30 workers; residents get assistance in legal problems; project attracts WRA official; Santa Anita sends last inductees; washer, mangle operator sought; Merrie Meddlers plan for Christmas; financial statement of community enterprises division.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Residents cast 2690 votes in charter group election; examination of children held daily; weather bureau planned; wanted: coal heavers to keep camp supplied; schools to get two buildings; picture studio to open Thursday; recreation notice; this weeks heroes column; reading tastes typically American.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #4: Nov. 14, 1942

Page 1: Charter commission names Doi chairman; census will be used to find jobs; ceramics plant to get modern model building; police return to work after 11-day absence; bond delays September project pay; Dr. Kinoshita to head USO committee; fire extinguishers being installed; lonely bachelor dies serving America, his adopted country.

Planned ceramics plant.

Page 2: Delegates leave tonight for JACL conference; With the Churches column; high school puts out newspaper; clothing checks cashed as new service of stores; 'big game' rally set by students; one death; Powell concern cleans many items; buses, trucks.

Page 3: The Social World: Your home and mine; wedding; another column I can't make out the name of; Epislons to hold fun frolic soon; Bussei plan joint rally on Sunday; bridge tournament set; Camp Fire Girls make winter plans; 'children's hour' opens at 22-26; soloist announced for Sunday concert; advisory board for clubs planned; parade column.

Page 4: Editorials; On the in-side column; letters of an evacuee.

Page 5: Guy Robertson-troubleshooter; Round-up column; another column I can't make out the name of; letters to the editor; musings; colonists boast high standard in education.

Page 6: Unemployment payment rulings are announced; visitors; man dies falling off CCC building; checks boom post office business; American Legion meets tomorrow; 'couples only' dance on tonight; teachers elect head of association; leaves.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Two crews speed work on irrigation canal; Ito heads weather recorders; Sentinel plaque to honor those giving lives here; open forum to discuss cooperative; skating rink, snow slides to be built; rebuild razed laundry in block six; beet growers offer new work terms; photo price list revealed; vital statistics; engineer added to local staff; this week's heroes column; home expert beings classes here; training class for teachers announced; better projectors planned for movies; credit union representative meets residents; plan home meeting.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #5: Nov. 21, 1942

Page 1: Plan fair practice committee; mail Christmas parcels early, avoid rush; WRA policy discussed at Salt Lake JACL meet; 7 carloads of stored goods here; you can now buy Sentinel for 2 cents a copy; administrative staff, block leaders confer; fire divisions interviewed; work starts for USO; dismiss school for Thanksgiving; distribute September paychecks to mess hall workers; seek locales for three new center shops; school contract is awarded to Montana firm.

People want the fence removed.

Page 2: Buddhist federation plans inaugural program; with the churches column; memorial service planned for trio; memorial services planned on Sunday; T. Inouye buried at local cemetery; Sunday school children pick theme of Christmas program; change of address should go to post office.

Page 3: The Social World: You, too, can stay young and beautiful; girl reserves make gift in project; advisory board for clubs planned; Behind the Heartbeat column; balanced program of music given; Taus, Rhos hear nurse on Sunday; Bussei to sponsor holiday dance; Parade column.

Page 4: On the Inside column; editorials; letters of an evacuee; nonagegenerians remain active in spite of age.

Page 5: Scratch Pad column (I think this is the one I haven't been able to read the name of in earlier papers); I'd like to see; letters to the editor; Round Up column; we should be thankful; two-thirds of residents found citizens of U.S.

Page 6:Residents cast absentee ballots; leaves; visitors; Cody store takes grocery orders; models sought to pose for adults evening art classes; only plumbers may stop water.

The rest of the article.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Heart Mountain residents join in Thanksgiving day feast; slate holiday motif for two center socials; not safe for Hitler here (photo of a guy who made a snowman Hitler and tried to hang him; photo very hard to make out); Koide to speak at forum; this weeks heroes column; clinic to close Thanksgiving day; WRA policy discussed at JACL meet from page 1; examination of students continues; new class in electricity opens; new project will make uniforms; charter commission split into six study groups; vital statistics.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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