Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 1 #6-10

Vol. 1 #6: Nov. 26 (?), 1942

Page 1: Individual resettlement in non-military areas stressed at JACL parlay; 'sunrise to sunset' privileges for residents planned; price reduction announced by community enterprises; executive committee is elected; 509 enrolled in adult English class; restrictions on leaves may be eased; receive books to aid study of Japanese; work starts on school buildings; checks cashed for colonists; storage charges; consumer's co-op recommended; pick site for beauty shop; project census covers one-third; ice skating movie next on program; dry goods store to close Monday; second clothing allowance to be issued.

Page 2: With the churches; Buddhist inauguration program set; permits required to use mess halls; gifts for children planned; sewing machines may be repaired; training of hiking leaders to begin soon; mail order house gives commission; Scout headquarters releases equipment; Saturday dances limited to couples; call for additional firemen issued.

Page 3: Heartbeat column; socials of girls' clubs mark festive holidays; wedding; are your table manners up to par?; Bussei dance draws many young people; Aeta clubs elect officers; YWCA executive secretary expected; 'fun frolic' slated for Epsilon clubs; zone 2 boys name club 'Mohawk'; parade column.

Page 4: On the inside column; editorials; historic bus in use again.

Page 5: Round up column; Philip Barber uplifts morale; letters to the editor; what's in a name?.

Page 6: Committee on juvenile delinquency formed; Scout leadership course completed; visitors; leaves; Capt. Johnson goes to new dental post; ask return address on outgoing mail; farm program mapped by agriculture dept.; Scout movement boosted at center; co-op coordinator chosen by members; mothers of service men meet; Kreizenbeck takes U.S. forestry job; Alphas to organize president's council; seek trained forester for lumber camp.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: USO financial drive to start; compensation to unemployed to be issued; art exhibit to be shown on outside; skillful hands produce attractive pieces of work; Friends service offers wool yarn; thermometer installed at station; this weeks heroes column; hot ashes hazard warned by police; credit for work must be checked; quintet convalesce from operations; return of school textbooks asked; vital statistics; post office hints on mail for Christmas.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #7: December 5 (?), 1942

Page 1: Fair practice board election; liberal release policy aids resettlement; community enterprises picks nine men on advisory council; first donations start initial USO drive; families of internees consider reunion plans; storehouses, gas station under way; sawmill begins timber cutting at new plant; security, fire chiefs leave project posts; need fifteen working days to get clothing allowance; fire department adds new barrack.

Page 2: With the churches; school barracks provided with first aid kits; coordinating group to meet; speaker at JACL confab; two English services held each Sunday; call for chick sexers received from Middlewest; church plans discussion on daily living; current events course added; residents may still sign up for night courses; last rites; workers sought for project jobs; week of prayer to be observed; quarterly on Bible issued here free.

Page 3: Heartbeat column; recognition ceremony for girls clubs planned; YWCA leaders' arrival delayed; Girl Scouts take orders for cookies; patches are patriotic; schools to hold Xmas program; hazards of stoves related by chief; two weddings; block 6 Nisei organize club; two more under appendectomies; firemen enjoy entertainment; dry goods store hours revealed; parade column.

Page 4: On the inside column; editorials; take part in war effort urges coast instructor; letter of an evacuee.

Page 5: Director announces project police regulations; Sketch Pad and Round Up columns; letters to the editor.

Page 6: 3 overcome by smoke in MP area; 750 new members goal of scouts 'all-out' recruiting program; leaves; visitors; schedule movies for project; mess hall fire checked in time; dormitory fire extinguished; plan oil drums as trash cans; court tries third case; weather endangers mailed perishables; bridge expert plans series of lectures; lens plant's water supply under way.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Red Cross activities planned for Heart Mountain: put up 2383 jars of apple preserves; rationing hits coffee supply here; dental fillings for colonists now available; executive committee to begin drafting of charter; service men's mothers organized to aid USO; three divisions get pay today; seek return of Japanese books; Heart Mountain's gas supply slashed; fire extinguishers being installed; co-op corner; 32 trucks added to motor pool; foundation work begun on school; replace 2 grade school teachers; 3 co-op leaders to speak; vital statistics.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #8: December 12, 1942

Page 1: Heart Mountain to undergo blackout tests; election of labor body postponed; meat supply here will be slashed soon; 46 leaves given under new policy; Robertson to succeed as project director; paper banned as mess hall decorations; skating rink work resumed; Granada rumors are unfounded; art students exhibit work; WRA to find 'real jobs' for evacuees.

Page 2: Fifteen residents express desires to rejoin internees; three teachers added to center educational staff; last rites; visitors; leaves; with the churches column; food stores take shoe repair orders; Robertson, from page 1; 'Fantasia' music to be featured; goh tourney ends tend-day session; hospital staff members depart; two girls clubs formed by girls; warn against spilling water.

Page 3: Heartbeat column; two 'Y' leaders booked for week of activities; your home and mine; Taus to year YWCA leader; girls' reserves one-day confab; junior hostesses hold social for service men; claw hammers, saws on sale; wedding bells; Kardiacs plan 'howdy' dance; family social night planned; Brownies plan tea for mothers today; parade column.

Page 4: On the inside column; editorials; letters of an evacuee.

Page 5: Sketch Pad and Round-up columns; John A. Nelson-wizard of finance; workers return to life of ease from beet field; letters to the editor.

Page 6: Recreation confab set; two girls undergo appendectomies; agricultural project study planned by advisory board; Carpenter's club to hold meeting; need one cent stamp to mail letters here; block 2 Nisei study first aid.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Gala Yule program planned by recreation department; organization of beet workers urged in talk; big program planned for project youths; examination of students nears end; USO drive extends date of campaign; this weeks heroes; construction work hit by new ruling; Cody paper scores rumors about Heart Mountain; OWI man visits center this week; police chief reinstated by project manager; co-op committee will meet; vital statistics; co-op corner; place Ward orders by Dec. 16.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #9: December 19 (?), 1942

Theres a few of these issues that the date of publication is smudged which is why I'm playing a ? after some dates.

Page 1: No immediate policy change; favoritism denied in pay issuance; editorial; Douglas Todd named assistant director; Rachford presented with painting from colonists; verdict given in third center case; O'Brien meets students here on relocation; city charter voting date approaches; cash, gifts received for Christmas; center's library gets shelves; police station gets watchtower; WRA chief surveys problems; animal husbandry.

Page 2: With the churches; doctor urges punctuality by patients; visitors; leaves; rites; Maryknoll friends invited to party; co-op committee to meet with WRA attorney; apply for priorities on required farm equipment; insurance sold on furniture; classes set for Army candidates; Zebras hear talk on camp etiquette.

Page 3: Heartbeat column; 800 girls to take part in candlelight ritual; love thy neighbor; Taus to distribute holly at hospital; Girl Scouts honor mothers with tea; Red Cross group to elect officers; hospital staff; weddings; Girl Scouts sing carols in center; weddings; benefit dance set; Mercuries chosen boys club name; parade.

Page 4: On the inside column; editorials.

Page 5: Heartbeat and Round Up columns; objectives of teacher training course; letters to the editor.

Page 6: Chorus of 100 voices to give first concert; Christmas rush reported by dry goods store; cameras; many stored property items unclaimed; new schedule for movies announced; major bridge players enter in tournament; rest of 'Fantasia' slated on Sunday; Scouts conduct hiking program; welfare head to visit sick sister; logging camp gets tractor; shoe repair shop business booms; hospital seeks return of bottles; two recuperating from operations; superintendent picked by board; cleaners stress service and work; Japanese books to be returned; owner asked to claim baggage.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Art students league draws large crowd to exhibit; identity buttons to be given all workers; blackouts declared successful; postpone again election of labor board; Sunday schools schedule Christmas program series; soldier contributes comic magazines to Boy Scout drive; grade school children plan Yule program; USO dance ends drive for funds; this weeks heroes; cook's aide burned in kitchen fire; short circuit plunges center in darkness; reclassification ruling given; cookies arrive for Scout sale; seek approval to ship goods stored privately; ask for return of stove parts.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 1 #10: December 24, 1942

Page 1: Mission board grants funds for church here; Heart Mountain awaits Christmas festivities; 18-year-olds sign for draft this week; romaji experts sought by federal agency; project attorney opens office soon; extinguishers only for fires; clinic to be closed Christmas day; Japanese class now in session; students dedicate flagpole donated by Hi-Y members.

Page 2: With the churches; administrative dormitory fire causes $2500 damages; cold weather halts work on canal project; various people visit projects; 2 nurses added to hospital staff; death; Cody young people to attend service; last rites.

Page 3: Heartbeat column; home economics class exhibits own garments; best foot forward; dance to open holiday fetes; cartoonist to give chalk talk; weddings; Scouts to add senior division; recognition ceremony witnessed; warning issued on use of hose; Flying Eagles win patrol flag test; girl reserves hold conference; parade.

Page 4: Editorials; on the inside column.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad and Round Up columns; Ben Lummis, project engineer; letters to the editor; project attorney to open office.

Page 6: Mess hall workers form club; hints on check endorsement given by office; visitors; leaves; committees named to study youth recreational program; boiler firemen on 24-hour duty; funeral held for new-born baby; Ishiyama to visit 3 WRA centers; Matsui repeats hot ashes warning; Tahima thanks residents here; permits needed for hiking trips; inspectors to give hints to residents; beetworkers' bags at warehouse.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Yuletide program scheduled; Christmas gifts come from all over America; pay, clothing checks arrive; select farm advisers; Yahioro named to head Red Cross group; fire insurance policy settled; pioneer donates historic flag to project on seeing article; P.O. business boosted by 200 per cent; unemployment pay applicants must file leave forms; job order blanks now available; Pomona women send gifts to old friends; YBA to elect officers; this weeks heroes.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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