Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 2 #16-20

Vol. 2 #16: April 17, 1943

Page 1: WRA broadens policy on leaves; civil service jobs for Nisei are expedited; Nisei are forewarned by changing policies; may draft Nisei in WRA centers; WRA fire chief lauds local force; seek Nisei aid to fight fires; project area open Sunday; some volunteers get notification to report; Solon backs resettlement; refund payments.

Page 2: With the Churches; Evacuees on leave eligible for relief; cost of living lower in Midwest than in S.F.; YWCA aids Nisei girls in Chicago; funeral services; church to hear two speakers; last rites; classified ads; 19-year old miss gives male recruiters real competition.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; musical film featured on regular music hour; club dissolved as many boys leave; Club 27 celebrates Spring with dance; wedding; library benefit dance announced; Red Cross receives donations from club; campfire girls enjoy outing; Parade.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: Sketch Pad; Round Up; A bit of Paris in Heart Mountain; tolerance towards Nisei at University of Wyoming noticed; this weeks' heroes; topsoil; letters to the editor cont.

Page 6: Japanese typewriter intricacies described; resettlement urged now; leaves; Sentinel marks first half-year.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Entire center joins in clean-up campaign; 6-30 wins first mess hall contest; further farm progress made; American Legion head lauds Heart Mountain volunteers; evacuee property should be moved for protection; first shipment of chicks here; assault case slated; orchestra plays at Thermopolis; 4 teachers added; Rundquist is expected here; prep group heads; parachute film starts Tuesday; Billings residents show interest in Nisei; charter body sets date for meeting.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #17: April 24, 1943

Page 1: WRA plans using more evacuee aid; indefinite vs. seasonal leaves; local investigators find public feeling, conditions in farm areas good; Myer interview to be heard over KPOW; shortcomings in program said delaying evacuee resettlement; pair to serve jail sentence; union reveals jobs for 200 Nisei seamen on Great Lakes; project area open daily; Nisei soldiers given freedom.

Page 2: Planting to begin soon; With the Churches; Baptist aide speaks at Easter sunrise service; six employed by Secretary Ickes; hit snags in hog purchase; mother rat gives birth to quints; last rites; USO committee.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; many activities set for boys-girls week; Tri-Y girls group helps clean school; Girls' League plans to raise funds; engagement; Parade; sophomores honor teacher at party; YWCA lounge to open shortly; block 17 YP club to meet; classifieds; Sunday soloist selects six songs.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; director of community services; leaves; topsoil.

An American-Japanese's legal status in Japan.

Page 6: Natural difficulties retard WRA resettlement program; leaves; visitors; resume Terada case; ministers' wives speak in Powell.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: WRA opens job office in Billings; Sentinel editors quoted in Associated Press article; demand for workers on farms to close schools here one week earlier; night school registration for next term; confinement of Nisei attacked; court upholds property rights; victory gardens to be grown here; parlay moots youth problem; musical film set next week; 7 volunteers leave Monday; this weeks' heroes; former residents get positions auto mechanics in Milwaukee; vital statistics.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #18: May 1, 1943

Page 1: WMC assures assistance, bans race discrimination; housing chief's son decorated; hint change in release plan; JACL opening fifth office; education seen as necessary to push resettlement success; prep graduation set; 19 volunteers leave Monday.

Three articles.

Page 2: With the Churches; recital by piano students; stored property to arrive soon; school forms safety patrols; Air Bureau reviews Nisei licenses; Catholic faith accepted by two; 19-year-old youth granted probation; girl joins staff of college paper.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; YMCA to conduct drive to sign up new members; thirteen clubs to receive YMCA charterships; library dance date postponed; plan mixed chorus for young people; clubs name officers; violinist featured on music program; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad; Round Up; early days of project recalled (2 articles); topsoil; letters of an evacuee; farm production chief visits here.

Page 6: Leaves; visitors; education cont.; use pressure on evacuees; ceiling place on used cars; mess hall fire damage slight; coordinating group will meet.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 6-30 win top honors second time; resident makes 1000 'sakushi'; sentiments towards evacuees in Utah farms area said good; invite Cody, Powell girls to play day; summer school to start; register 800 grade students; sentence suspended, two leave center; this week's heroes; registration set for fall term; plan organization for fathers of service men and volunteers; traffic tests for drivers planned; vital statistics; Abbot-Costello film.

Sentry to be court-marshaled.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #19: May 5 (?), 1943

Page 1: WRA may ban Park County jobs; motor pool probe nears conclusion; Joe Nisei finds May not summer at Heart Mountain; needy evacuees can get funds; sugar beet wages up 22%; warning issued on contraband; bill on idle farm equipment passed; Grew praises loyal Nisei; repatriates can change plans; 'segregation' camp set for Arizona.

Paper attacks DeWitt's attitude towards Japanese.

Page 2: With the Churches; visitors; churches observe Mother's Day tomorrow; leaves; Heart Mountain Episcopal church recognized; PTA hears two speakers; Buddhist woman.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; Parade; gala twilight outdoor songfest set; Powell Girl Scouts join in play day; Heart-teenans fete mothers with tea; marriage; brilliant pianist to play; spends visit here; clubs name officers.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; Topsoil; vital statistics.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad; Round Up; 2000 acre victory garden rises in middle of desert; horn of plenty; winding canal to bring water to parched lands; letters of an evacuee.

Page 6: Evacuees find openings; 270 find homes, opportunity in Chicago; hostels provide temporary housing for Nisei in Midwest; ex-Californians make good in Massachusetts.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Gala send-off rally for volunteers; thrift week will start Monday; 50 local Nisei to get training for jobs in war industries; extend defense training class; top mess crews to get dinner; seven-member board selected; are you identified?; 4 transliterators leave for Cleveland; verdict in Terada case due Tuesday; proposed charter will be revised; coordinating group approves letter; 'back street' begins Tuesday; surprise blackout; tag children, police suggest; shoe certificates; employment moves to ad building.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #20: May 15, 1943

Page 1: Park County leaves ban in effect; shivering handful witness dedication of new flag pole; 424 leave center in month; favorable trend seen in national publicity on evacuee problems; evacuees helped save $2,000,000 in Montana beets; Army accepts 8 volunteers; Nisei problems expert joins staff; WRA aid here on inspection; 3 Caucasian staff members in Army; student relocation officer approved; farm machinery measure completed; new restriction slashes motor car use.

Page 2: With the Churches; leaves; visitors; Heart Mountain to send four delegates to Buddhist parlay; 28 Boy Scouts receive awards; books sent here by Boston library.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; plan YWCA conference with national leaders; church choirs hold weekly practices; Parade; recording slated for music program; Club Girls enjoy talented dancer; plan exhibits in San Jose; children's home head visits here; clubs name officers.

Page 4: Editorials; On The Inside; Topsoil; project finance officer expert trumpet player; students discuss relocation topic; this week's heroes.


Page 5: Heartbeat; Round Up; Letters to the Editor; magazine recipient former local girl.

Page 6: Stores net profit of $22,822.51; C.E. financial statement; committee to aid Nisei organized; mess hall fete set; Girl Scouts honor mothers at social; vital statistics.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Heart Mountain residents will vote on cooperatives; 2500 trees, shrubs to be planted soon; 100 Nisei attend NYA meeting; entire supply of stamps sold; blast rocks Sentinel office; Irwin lauds hospital staff; college seeks Nisei teachers; Heart Mountain has January weather in May; movie for next week slated; victory garden planned; charter is revised to enable Issei to hold elective office; sign up teachers for summer school; clubs to receive charters of YMCA.


Funds raised for Hirabayashi.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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