Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 2 #21-25

Vol. 2 #21: May (?), 1943

Reproduction on this particular document is not good, and I can't read the date on any of the pages.

Page 1: Florida Nisei in charge of four machine guns squads in India; job-seeking leave is available; Robertson leaves for WRA meet; 71 residents leave center in single day; public waiting for evacuees to prove selves; project makes news again; Dies' investigators reported due here; DeWitt's transfer is confirmed; all evacuees not disloyal; hearing starts on Oriental citizens bill; Wyoming legion for segregation.

Page 2: With the churches; youth clubs sell 2850 war stamps; Buddhists to celebrate birthday of St. Shinran; last rites; relocation plan gets support; good offer nets many workers for cannery; AAUW branch planned here.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; YWCA confab on relocation opens today; Y visitors feted at tea; YWCA furniture reaches center; Boy Scouts to clean cemetery; junior-senior high prom set; weddings; Parade; Campfire Girls set doughnut sale.

Page 4: Editorials; On The Inside; Letters to the Editor; Drum chooses American way to handle disloyalty problem; Topsoil.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; self-respect, confidence restored as relocation program pushed; Heart Mountain hotel; employment chief aids local Issei job seekers; plan recordings for music hour; let's go hiking; vital statistics; Nisei want to go East and settle.

Page 6: 400 hogs, 500 chicks launch livestock, poultry projects; visitors; leaves; school speaker.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Memorial day parade set; Nisei may get Army post jobs; co-op plan rejected by voters; data sought on stored food; prizes offered by local USO; poster shop here gets Navy order; 6-27 winner in fifth week; motor pool gets report; four more Nisei pass Army exam; schools hold first monthly fire drill; premiere will mark opening of two movie theaters; Danbury library sends books here; Nisei girl makes childhood dream come true; COB hears talk on relocation.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #22: May 29, 1943

Page 1: 42 WRA offices aid evacuees to relocate; need home-grown food to supplement purchases; Todd leads volunteer crew speeding farm operations; WRA to film movie; water courses through the canal; two Dies men probe center; plan get-together for children; 250 youths leave center to take NYA training; report on court case due tonight; Masunaga to lead block managers.

Page 2: With the Churches; 'what do you want' Carroll asks Powelites; leaves; plan cemetery beautification; expect worse, says attorney; visitors; procurement officer bags 300-pound bear; Holy Communion.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; college women form local AAUW branch; YWCA correlator named for center; soprano to feature music hour; students to exhibit crafts next week; WAVES claim prep instructor; Catholics to hold special ceremony; Parade; Clubs name Officers.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; Pearl Harbor is recalled by visitor; Heart Mountain Hotel; topsoil; This Weeks' Heroes; man jabbed in eye with fork in row; carload of baggage due.

Page 6: WMC job stabilization plan safeguards workers; elderly Ohio man offers home, opportunity to ambitious Nisei; skilled workers will receive WRA assistance; Washington cannery seeks 110 more workers for pea harvest; Rundquist visit here postponed.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Heart Mountain Memorial Day parade, program set; ceramics shop makes ash trays, tea cups; jobs available at 'Boys Town'; 2 Heart Mountain residents prize winners in art exhibit; 6-27 wins top honors again; Boy Scouts sell 2500 stamps; graves in L.A. get flowers; new pictures will be shown next week.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #23: June 5, 1943

Page 1: Volunteers speed work on farm project; WRA issues reply to Denver Post; leaves in May average 16 daily; WRA defends leave policy; volunteer farm workers listed to meet peak manpower needs; President bans discrimination; rehearing possible in test cases.

Page 2: With the Churches; leaves this week; students may get travel aid; visitors; local volunteer dies in New York; specialized clinic hours announced; Tanahashi gets Army call; Rev Unoura leaves for Colorado soon; funeral services.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; boys clubs to sponsor three-day discussion; G.R. group picks delegates to confab; YWCA to sponsor benefit movie show; Cub Scouts to hold first rally; Parade; delegates to plan recreation events; Boys Club finance own sale of stamps.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; Letters of an Evacuee.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; of what are the Nisei thinking?; Tom Parker brings snow; This Weeks' Heroes; Topsoil; Heart Mountain Hotel; vital statistics.

Page 6: Sears ad.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 249 seniors graduate from high school; goal surpassed in stamp drive; summer school program announced; Army probes discrimination; NYA training plan canceled; no mess ratings issued this week; Nisei sail ships to get vital argoes to allies; Rev. Toriumi to speak.


Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #24: June 12, 1943

Page 1: 'Produce or face food shortage'; war industries open to aliens; Senator Robinson declines invitation to center; NYA drops plans following charges by Dies spokesman; two youths tried for illegal leave; resettlement still WRA's first objective.

A major article and an editorial on the subject.

Page 2: With the Churches; recreation department plans one-day conference; Senator declines invitation cont.; review leave applications; Nomiyama guilty in stabbing case; church will hold summer sessions; Buddhists open another church; Matsumoto trial; Mrs. Kinoshita to leave center.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; pick four committees of Y advisory board; Girl Scout head named; KeYmen's rally; fill two vacancies on Alpha council; Parade; Clubs Name Officers; senior girls feted at tea; Y to have own recreation hall.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; great wrong is being undone.

Editorial continues.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; Topsoil; Heart Mountain Hotel; This Weeks' Heroes; we face future with faith in the U.S.

Myer article continues.

Page 6: New transfer ruling issued; leaves this week; visitors; center library buys more books; farm machine survey made; plan farewell fete for Rev. Unoura; vital statistics; residents use wild mustard grass to prepare tsukemono.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Indefinite leave hearing board formed; 3 choices open to Nisei, graduates are told; 'Zootsuo' makes debut today; coal delivery here resumed; observance of flag day; 7 mess crews will be feted; three families join internees; 'mumbo jumbo' nets $178; 250 attend high school art exhibit; third Nisei officer called from center; Sentinel loses three-fourths of original staff; Housel resigns to enter Army.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

Vol. 2 #25: June 19, 1943

Page 1: Manpower issue causes concern; synthetic dragon need not frighten nation; students find jobs easily; charter approved except for minor points; irrigation of farm begins; Nazi agents aided in Pearl Harbor attack, says OWI; Camp Shelby boys entertain 100 girls; services Sunday to honor fathers; Matsui warns boys river off project; Robertson councils allegations of Best.

Page 2: With the Churches; helpless U.S. minority wronged; war bond fails to awaken baby; 22 women take domestic study; hospital staff will see show; dragon cont.; labor probe cont; grateful owner rewards youth; Buddhists to hold Obon services; funeral services.

Page 3: Heartbeat; Round Up; recreational needs stressed at discussion; AAUW to choose officers today; La Violette tells Canadian-Japanese problems at dinner; special services to honor fathers; 14 graduates feted by Ace of Hearts; Rho Debs sponsor June hop; Parade; twenty boys clubs disband for farm labor on home front.

Page 4: Editorial; Letters to the Editor; On the Inside.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; Girl Scouts give touching speeches; This Weeks' Heroes; Topsoil; magazines publish articles favorable to Nisei in general; vital statistics.

Page 6: Jobs plentiful, housing scarce, WRA says; leaves; visitors; veterinarian awaits call; 167th flag day commemorated; jabbing case trial; children to view religious picture; parade, play mark parties held for children; reveal additions to school staff.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Comprehensive procedure for leave given; construction of bakery rushed; prep students will register for summer school Thursday; surfriders end KPOW series; electrical overload blamed for fire; Heart Mountain Hotel; CCC barracks to be dismantled; Matsumoto case; Heart Mountain plays host to 'Texas drifter.'

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 15: Zootsuo cartoon.

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