Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 2 #31-35

Vol. 2 #31 July 31, 1943

Page 1: WRA outlines policy in Denver conference; open house for press next week; Best named project director at Tule Lake segregation camp; segregation will aid welfare of loyal evacuees; Myer to visit Heart Mountain; 352 in July leave center; drama seen in evacuee efforts to resume normal life; analyst visits center.

Page 2: With the churches; drama cont.; segregation cont.; judicial commission given authority to impose fines; second lecture by Nagata tonight; two-day-old baby dies in hospital.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; community dance set; weddings; YMCA to start membership drive; vacation enjoyed by girls at out-of-door camp site; Parade.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; workers from Heart Mountain score victory in Washington; grid coach joins Nisei combat team.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; many jobs open to Nisei in Chicago; This Weeks' Heroes; Topsoil.

Page 6: Farm, city pay compared; mid-west resettlement cont.; leaves this week; visitors; vital statistics; funerals; Nisei soldier offers prayer; Buddhists to hold evening services.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Local Red Cross membership drive to get underway; 82 Heart Mountain Nisei students are attending colleges in Middlewest; local hospital aides to get caps; new relocation office opened; 4,998 pounds of peas picked; six volunteers accepted by Army; 25 employed at sawmill; work on school to start soon; 'Suez to Singapore' most popular book; WAC accepts Nisei women; residents join clean-up drive; Yosemite motion pictures shown; coordinating council to meet; giant truck gardens rise in Utah sageland.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #32: Aug 7, 1943

Page 1: WRA pushes resettlement with segregation; Myer to address residents; Heart Mountain gets nod from Time, Liberty; evacuee attitude bottleneck in resettlement; Goa port set for exchange; national officials to visit project; foot-sore writers find camp life no picnic.

Page 2: With the churches; no guarantee segregees able to go to Japan; church news; high school ground leveled; funerals.

Page 3: Heartbeat; Social World; Girl Scouts sell $677.15 in stamps; Parade; artificial flowers to be displayed; Brenda Starrs entertains soldiers; final social held by block 2 YPC; classified ads.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; Liberty features Mary Oyama's moving article on evacuation; This Weeks' Heroes; movies.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; Denver offers few job opportunities; Topsoil; vital statistics; former resident gives advice to potential college students.

Page 6: Leaves; community enterprises financial statement; segregation order cont.; visitors; three instructors.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 30 residents to vie for council positions; geologist gives address today; evacuees aid in battling two forest fires; Issei couple leaves security of camp to pioneer for Nisei; slaughter date for 40 hogs near; Red Cross rally; police school opens Tuesday; June profits total $8,791; evacuee attitude cont.; 70 hospital aides receive caps at ceremony; 3 fire alarms sounded Monday; rice shipments relieve shortage; receipts accepted until noon today.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

Vol. 2 #33: Aug 14, 1943

Page 1: Future encouraging, says Myer; editorial; community marks first anniversary; director lauds evacuee spirit; review board completes hearings on segregation; Spanish counsel visits aliens; Time magazine publicity brings offers of jobs to evacuees; Carroll's brother dies in Cheyenne; Pvt. Nelson trains for finance duty.

Page 2: With the churches; 21 Shelby officers attend schools in special fields; last rites.

Page 3: Heartbeat; Parade; Social World.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; attacks on loyal Nisei rapped by U.C. student publication; Myer gives encouragement cont.; This Weeks' Heroes.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; first anniversary; Heart Mountain witnesses progress, growth here; harvesting of Heart Mountain farm crops ahead of schedule; Doc Stork kept busy; vital statistics.

Page 6: Leaves this week; visitors; 162 respond for fire call in Big Horns; movie shows.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 4 Nisei, 15 Issei elected to council posts; residents contribute $1823 to Red Cross fund; rock formation here explained; 160,000 pounds of rice expected; prep students harvest beans; segregation halts housing movements; output at WRA mill upped; poster shop gets thank you letter.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #34: Aug 21, 1943

Page 1: Citizenship of Nisei affirmed; 900 residents named for Tule Lake center in segregation move; O'Mahoney, Hunt visit here; Sashihara heads council; Billing Lions told of WRA; Robertson's nephew killed in Sicily; enlisted reserves being called up; residents pay $13,000 in taxes; loyal evacuees not to be forced out of center; clarify status of parolees.

Page 2: With the Churches; church news; 100 instructors given citation.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; YW dedication program will open new lounge; WRA director lauds Boy Scout drum, bugle corps; YM council calls joint meet; Parade; engagement; Brownie excursion to barnyard today; floral craft show.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; Tule Lake segregation center is described; Nisei citizenship cont.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; Heart Mountain receives favorable publicity in Wyoming, Montana papers; letters to the editor; This Week's Heroes.

Page 6: Evacuees fight New Park fire; leaves this week; visitors; select leave counselors; 4,738 pounds of beans picked; internal security officer appointed; journalists laud JA combat team.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 558 residents get EDC clearance; American legion heads drive to get 170 workers in Powell; open house to be held by school department; low per capital loss reported by fire force on anniversary; withholding tax explained; visitors charged 20 cents for meals; statement expected in Superman strip; three volunteers to leave Monday; 50 workers sought for harvest jobs; 2 blazes put out by fire force; 27th Sentinel member joins exodus to ourtside world.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

Vol. 2 #35: Aug 28, 1943

Page 1: Dies group minority lauds WRA; first frost due anytime now; joint board may finish hearings in two months; manpower to be subject Tuesday; 863 segregees Tule Lake bound; $74,000 available for refunds to C.E. patrons; Nisei found loyal, Superman declares; four Nisei recalled to Army service' newspaper lauds move to enlist Nisei in WAC.

Page 2: With the Churches; church news; post office marks first anniversary; classified.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; YW pushes plans to aid relocation; Girl Scouts continue camptivities; Parade; capacity crowd attends last summer dance.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; evacuee return to normal life urged in syndicated editorial; Nisei seeking rehabilitation promised backing by CIO.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; jobs plentiful but housing scarce; Philadelphia bid extended; CIO asks how it can aid Nisei; This Weeks' Heroes; movies; letters to the editor; Roosevelt letter translations here.

Page 6: Local residents collect ants for horned toads; leaves this week; visitors; horses solve gas problem; police, FBI pick up men with old draft cards; 2000 attend school exhibit; teacher joins local faculty; 14,000 pounds of rice to arrive; four Nisei decorated for Attu service.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Heart Mountain farm crop to be canned; 33 residents leave to sale on Gripsholm; local fire department reorganized; Nebraska plan to aid evacuees; grade school sign-up set; hostel applications accepted at relocation office here; Red Cross meeting; vital statistics; new shoulder patch approved; newspaper lauds Nisei cont.; two volunteers accepted by Army.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

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