Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 2 #36-40

Vol. 2 #36 Sept. 4, 1943

Page 1: Wyoming Legion backs evacuees; center payroll drops towards quota of 3200; 522 residents leave in August; Kibei leave ruling issued; repairs ground 90 percent cars; segregation train schedules are set back one week; evacuees thanked for aid in fighting forest fires; $2876 in postal stamps purchased.

Page 2: With the Churches; canned beans shipped here; kindergarten sign-up; students may return to center; two-day Bussei parlay to mark anniversary; 6,600 witness movies weekly; double feature set next week; local volunteer accepted by Army; 1632 letters filed with Red Cross; coordinating group to meet; lecture, movie set; segregees to get clothing grants.

Page 3: Heartbeat; Social World; community-wide picnic will mark anniversary; Topsoil girls receive candy; Parade .

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; This Weeks' Heroes; Foo finds soldiering fun if one has a purpose.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; Washington DC area: jobs available in almost every field; three volunteers from Alaska join Nisei combat team; vital statistics.

Page 6: Community Enterprises financial statement; leaves this week; visitors; profits of $100,803 reported by community enterprises.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 1226 prep students await opening of high school; here they come, you lovers of corn on the cob; beef expected in October; committees appointed by council; loss of students hurts farm; Yamakawa Red Cross head; bakery near completion; 'one of tops' says Rossman; safety officer appointed; 'This is America' moving picture to be shown; sale of fresh fish slated; construction work in center progressing satisfactorily.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14:Zootsuo cartoon.

Vol. 2 #37 Sept. 11, 1943

Page 1: Frost hits project farm, slashes yield of crops; four-point program outlined; Lieut. Smith arrives Monday to recruit Nisei for WACs; 600 men sought for farm work; leave ruling hits drifters; farm foreman's son gets award for Pacific valor; aides named for segregation; center joins war loan drive; 8 residents fail to sail for Japan; evacuee farmers making good.

Page 2: With The Churches; major activities of local relocation committee named; One Year Ago This Week; 4-point plan cont.; 450 Bussei attend outdoor services; last rites; funeral; lecture on care of sicknesses set; main leaves today for Tule Lake.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Social World; first court of awards planned by Girl Scouts; first fall dance scheduled for gym; USO urges early mailing of gifts for soldiers overseas; Parade; 'learn by doing' program benefits Campfire Girls.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; old-timers toil with youths to keep railroads running; This Weeks' Heroes; Topsoil.

Page 5: Scratch Pad; Round Up; New England area: permanent relocation recommended; need for relocation of Nisei noted in syndicated column.

Page 6: Carr things stand on evacuees just, but costly in politics; leaves this week; visitors; movies; 297 Camp Shelby soldiers given temporary promotions; 850 elementary, 98 kindergarten children start fall semester; Father Felsecker to teach Japanese.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Continuous supply of coal assured; United States cadet nurse corps accepts Nisei women; contest set by fire department; money orders total $40,792; 1300 high school students register for fall; poultry houses nearly ready; students stack dried beans; 19 men housed in Powell hall; vital statistics; coal shortage causes local residents to raid wood piles; field survey made by senior engineer; Fujii appointed to relocation staff; Buddhists to take group pictures; convert barracks for school use.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

Vol. 2 #38 Sept. 18, 1943

Page 1: Segregation Movement Begins; priorities set up for center work; jobs available for Tule group; Best seized on forgery count; Gen. DeWitt transferred; segregation program is started says Roosevelt.

Director's statement.

Page 2: With the Churches; warm weather speeds crops to be stored this winter; Bussei to hold service Sunday; bond sales pass halfway mark; missionary will speak at worship; ministers takes month leave.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; center-wide carnival set for next week-end; former resident given scholarship; students hold matinee dance; boys entertain at weekly USO; community dance tonight; movies; Parade.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Inside; 'make known you're American' Y worker advises relocatees; Colorado council of churches issues pamphlet on evacuees; This Weeks' Heroes.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; evacuees take brunt of abuses; Round Up; Topsoil; segregation cont.; fire dept. gets rescue truck; manpower cont.; vital statistics.

Page 6: Teachers adopt resolution; leaves; visitors; Boy Scouts get support; news shorts; court of awards cont.; internal security officer arrives.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Washington civil service jobs open; Heart Mountain girl enlists for WAC service; educational program endorsed; dishwashing in center hit; 40% cut ordered for cars; hostel opened in Pocatello; former Sentinel staff member crowned queen; 16 hospital aides capped; 314 evacuees on Gripsholm; Schmoe visits center; fence to keep out range cattle; arrival of more coal solves heating problem-temporarily; 102 feeder hogs brought here; 'This is America' series starts tomorrow with free movies.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

Vol. 2 #39 Sept. 25, 1943

Page 1: Minnesota Post backs Powell act; open invitation extended from Kansas City area; Powell appeals for labor; segregation all in day's work for evacuees; ex-Tuleans like new home; thousands see segregees off; FDR assures evacuee return; Best extradition papers granted; board chairman named.

Page 2: With the Churches; funerals; fire prevention posters completed; Adventist group sets health talk.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; relocation in review; carnival opens today; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; evacuee problem being solved with success in Minneapolis.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad; Round Up; jobs plentiful in Chicago but not housing; Topsoil; One Year Ago this Week; former center girl employed as media maker; local girl first Nisei attorney admitted in Idaho.

Page 6: Leaves this week; visitors; vital statistics; movies; analyst to lead discussion group; housing ready for transferees; church board.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Personnel hits quota in third bond drive; McGowen new attorney here; farming film set; C.E. delegates attend confab; school essay and poster contest judges named; Cleveland hostel aids 9 Heart Mountain evacuees; evacuees build Wyoming town; 150 students take shorthand; last of potatoes dug by students; cabbage may yield 197,000 pounds; school band makes debut; work on silage pits started; Heart Mountain, Tule Lake centers compared; chickens start egg production; three ex-residents inducted into Army; block 21 to vote.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo.

Vol. 2 #40 Oct. 2, 1943

Page 1: Federal government shows new interest in minority problems; labor lack hits work program; leaves total hits new high in September; WAC explains enlistment; Powell beans 'well in hand,'; personnel bond drive over top; YWCA tea aids Nisei adjustment; Chicago publishers seek 100 typists; class president named; third train finishes movements; Steward arrives.

Page 2: With the Churches; hostels set up to facilitate program of resettlement; vocational training available without cost to evacuees; last rites.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; relocation in review; Red Cross chief expected soon; center library gets 17 books; local residents attend Kansas City University; famed lecturer speaks Sunday; love goes on despite segregation; teachers' meeting slated tonight; Girl Scouts send 10 delegates to Billings meeting; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Inside; Letters to the Editor; New York mecca for Hawaiian soldiers on furlough.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad; Round Up; 150 students enrolled in colleges; One Year Ago This Week; This Weeks' Heroes; movies; vital statistics.

Page 6: Leaves; visitors; crew works in Yellowstone dismantling CCC buildings; weather aids farm crops; Red Cross begins first aid class; technical division gets new chief.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Observance of fire prevention week set; blocks elect judicial aides; Sentinel puts up $50 bounty for center-wide fly hunt; old folks' rest home to be built; students pick new officers; fire losses in WRA centers far below national average; carnival nets $2,345 to bolster fun for activities, education; analyist leaves for McGill University; pamphlets ready for circulation; Latimer to speak at YBA service.

Pages 9-13: In Japanese.

Page 14: Zootsuo cartoon.

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