Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 2 #46-52

Vol. 2 #46 Nov.13, 1943

Page 1: New relocation program starts; dear pop and mom; Aleutian vets glad to return from 'fog' land; juvenile delinquency no longer center problem.

Two articles on Tule Lake.

Page 2: With the churches; names submitted for grade school; $300 damage caused by fire; wake held; Dr. Heckleman to talk Sunday; Junior Fellowship picks name; service slated by local Bussei; Buddhist priest at Tule Lake represented disloyal; last rites.

Page 3: Heartbeat; The Social World; relocation in review; Spanish club to be organized; Parade; Seiro-kai slates dance; Hirata top stamp seller; Scout district committee elects chairman; club 27 president elected; Alphas celebrate year anniversary.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; letters to the editor.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; evacuees harvest sugar beets in Denver area; Round Up; This Week's Heroes; 1,396 students join Red Cross; internees may be transferred; jobs for Nisei firemen sought; daikon, nappa to be pickled; vital statistics.

Page 6: Juvenile delinuency cont. leaves; visitors; Nisei students participate in Wesleyan homecoming week; Christmas mailing in November urged; movie shows.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Relocation stressed by acting director in Armistice day talk; thousands of pounds of crops stored in root cellar; weather slows local harvest; civil service seeks monitors; Nisei maritime workers to have full protection of fair practice order; precaution urged to prevent fires; postal clerk called by Army; hostel representative to speak to Heart Mountain groups; California synod raps critics of WRA resettlement policy.

Midwest areas doesn't react to Tule Lake riot.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #47 Nov.20, 1943

Page 1: Thanksgiving has meaning this season; community will organize to push relocation plans; action in relocation urged; Omaha paper notes Sentinel; work on home for aged begun; Nisei proving their loyalty, Thomas tells group at hostel; Heckleman predicts 50% to return to California after war.


More on Tule Lake riot.

Another group would bar Nisei.

Page 2: With the Churches; two plays will be presented at community xmas program; educator dies; Thanksgiving services set; Yashiro 'king' of construction; relocation plans cont; classified ads.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; community dance set for Thanksgiving night; Parade; weddings; reserves sponsor no males dance; wedding.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; letters to the editor; committee on resettlement of Nisei formed in Wisconsin; vital statistics.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; persecution of Nisei hit by minister; Round Up; your duty to your family; This Weeks Heroes; education office will distribute relocation packet; pamphlet series 'About America' being prepared.

Page 6: Thanksgiving has meaning cont; relocation urged cont; leaves; visitors; Red Cross aid, leaders confer; movies; sports; new architectural engineer due here; Relocation in Review.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Harvesting of crops nearly over; students give plays at Thanksgiving assembly; 126 enroll in night class; CE certificates total $65,447.17; Nisei girls enroll in Chicago school without paying fees; eighty laying nests built; door-to-door soliciting hit; post office business gains; repair mess hall damaged by fire; Heart Mountain to get Tule crops; mail xmas cards to soldiers now; needy families to get clothing.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #48 Nov.27, 1943

Page 1: Regional officers seek data; lack of social graces causes concern of Nisei; one of first Nisei soldiers to serve in Alaska visits center; four residents hurt in mishap; union will again bring test case; waiting time for leaves cut; internees rejoin families here; poster shop modernized; educators attend parlay; clothing grants to be issued; residents urged to back Nisei troops by fund contribution; relocation committee formed to aid evacuees in Michigan.

Page 2: With the Churches; plays presented by students receive favorable comments; center to get 85 xmas trees; books received from Dr. Thoms; institute sends gifts to center; evacuee handiwork sent to Y bazaar; Indianapolis open to work despite rumor; funerals; Catholic church receives books; center streets to be graveled.

Page 3: Discovering the Heartbeat; The Social World; leadership is mooted at Casper scout parlay; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; letters to the editor; Chi Sigma guests of Cody group.

Former ambassador Grew.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Round Up; we're all tied together by an idea; This Weeks' Heroes; 18 Nisei girls at now working in Washington; acting chief nurse named; clothes received for needy families; local postal clerk passes physical test.

Page 6: Social graces cont; leaves; visitors; relocation office opens in Pennsylvania; Relocation in Review; 3 more Tule Lake families arrive; movie shows.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Farm division makes plans for next year; grain storage bin completed; school children will get noon meals at designated mess halls; free nurse course is offered by Nisei; new classes opened here; sheds built to house hogs; Spanish club head; construct closets for ex-Tuleans; art league moves to new quarters; students sell activity cards; Detroit council of churches extends aid to relcoatees; vital statistics.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #49 Dec. 4, 1943

Page 1: Relocation meet may be called; Nisei casualty list is released; 73 indefinite leaves issued; no short term leaves issued; no loyal Nisei should feel ashamed of Japanese heritage; council hopeful for conference; water reservoir here sterilized; youth burns foot on hot ashes; postal inspector visits center; local post office sets new record; girl injured in fall from truck; 1,500 American repatriates arrive from Orient.

Page 2: With the Churches; church news; parties for center youngsters to be held on Christmas night; deaths and funerals; 24-30 mess hall damaged by fire; fire causes $15 damage to depot; mess hall damaged by fire repaired.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; letters to the editor.

More from Grew.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Round Up; farm program hailed as a success; This Weeks' Heroes.

Page 6: Leaves; visitors; loyal Nisei cont; rock exhibit planned here; U.C. professor in Chicago for relocation meet; Relocation in Review.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Farm department reorganized for winter and spring program; list of schools open to Nisei available at relocation office; PTA plans aid for children; 7 classes transferred to education division; new relocation film slated; 100 tons of stored carrots restacked; recreation halls in each block to be provided with equipment; aliens warned by attorney; 2 more internees rejoin families; lack of manners noted at Chicago Nisei dance; vital statistics.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #50 Dec. 11, 1943

Page 1: Future may be less troublesome; resolution forwarded to director; relocation essay contest winners; Scouts perform daily 'deeds' as basis for good citizens; Myer witness before group at investigation; school awarded class 1 rating; reports staff offer blood for hospital; Nisei employed as principal of Iowa school.

Page 2: With the Churches; Nisei principal cont; resolution sent to Washington cont; Red Cross head named.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On The Outside; letters to the editor; This Weeks' Heroes.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Round Up; 'Americanism is not race or ancestry; membership campaign planned by block 7 grade school PTA.

Page 6: Scouts deeds cont; leaves; visitors; Relocation in Review; Myer cont; publicity manager elected.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Heart Mountain prepares for gala Christmas program; fair play group insists WRA to keep Tule Lake; rock exhibit ends tomorrow; interviews, talks and movies scheduled by Floyd Schmoe; applications for repatriation taken by project attorney; algebra class opened here; complete three laying houses; boxes for bean sprouts built; embroidery class meets; fire chief leaves for Chicago job; local PTA to build block program; 32 men arrested in gambling raid.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #51 Dec. 18, 1943

Page 1: Robertson replies to Powell; firemen join center movement for blood donors; Biddle has 'grave doubt' of evacuation's legality; student council to continue aid in relocation; Captain Martin inspects center for Japanese; school gets Navy praise; holiday Sentinel available Friday; jailing of Nisei youth has humorous angle as prisoner hitch-hikes to prison.

Page 2: With the Churches; Relocation in Review; 3000 attend rock exhibit; xmas program set tomorrow; Buddhists hold general meeting; relocation films set next week; New Years' dance slated in Chicago; block 23 cabinet formed; librarian resigns, leaves for Texas; movie shows.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; letters to the editor.

Page 5: This Weeks' Heroes; he 'sticks his neck out' for evacuees; Round Up; One Year Ago This Week; Ohio woman composes victory song for Nisei combat team; Nisei urged to participate in nation's victory program.

Page 6: Robertson cont; leaves; visitors; exhibit planned by art league; jailing of Nisei cont; no technical authority for holding U.S. citizens; wedding; egg production; 4 local delegates at budget meeting.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Christmas gifts pour in; Helen Keller school planned; evacuees of draft age subject to selective service regulations; $5897 worth of lumber cut; play features prep program; new drafting classes begun; grade schools plan program; ministers warn against passing of anti-Japanese legislation; 4 seasonal workers arrested for violation of travel rules.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 2 #52 Dec. 24, 1943

Page 1: Best is held for illegal US entry; Merry Christmas; spirit of Christmas prevails as letters express goodwill; governor congratulates Nisei girl on induction in WACS.

Two articles.

California race-baiting.

Page 2: With the Churches; seniors of local high school elect home room officers, class advisors; hospital seeks blood donors; sixty hogs boost farm total to 848; movie shows.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; letters to the editor; vital statistics.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad; Round Up; getting along depends on the individual; goodwill cont; One Year Ago This Week.

Page 6: Leaves; visitors; Relocation in Review; youth clubs join carolers tonight; seamen form victory club; egg production hits 1000 daily; solons request Myer to resign; Takami to talk at YBA services.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Community Christmas program set tonight; This Weeks' Heroes; Issei, Kibei study English to prepare for relocation; Denman offers encouragement; Carter resumes school position; play highlights Christmas program; adult classes to register; ideal weather booms holiday business in dry goods store; church watchnight set Dec. 31.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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