Heart Mountain, Wyoming Sentinel Supplement, Issues 1-20

This was a series of small 1 or 2 page supplements, with the second page in Japanese. Densho has a good number of them, but not all.

Number: Date: contents

1: Oct. 27, 1942: Registration of votes set Saturday and Sunday; clothing allowance to be paid in cash or check; Powell bank to cash checks today; Santa Anita clothing to be distributed by blocks.

2: Oct. 28, 1942: Nomination deadline advanced to Friday noon; orthopedic treatment to be given at Powell; one death; sports results over weekend; night school registration.

4: November 5, 1942: Election results; 150 Santa Anita clothing packages still unclaimed; Royalettes girls' club get-together.

6: November 16 (?), 1942: Many center checks still uncalled for; a story of a Nisei soldier and his wallet; unemployed must register before Sunday. Although page 2 is almost all in Japanese, there's a small English notice at the bottom about a new Montgomery Ward order desk being open.

7: November 13, 1942: Supplementary August pay checks ready, with a list of names. That's all in this issue, no Japanese page.

8. November 18, 1942: Mess hall workers to be paid Friday, Saturday; all residents now eligible for clothing allowance; forum to discuss 'Issei-Nisei Cooperation.'' The second page starts with an English listing of names which is probably a continuation of the list of names for August paychecks; the rest of that page is in Japanese, and then there's a third page in Japanese.

9. November 24, 1942: Warehouse, motor pool get checks; lecture to be given by Girl Scout executive; return of school textbooks asked; night school opens current events class; Rev. Uncura to speak on marriage.

10. November 25, 1942: Many offers of employment received (most of these are general housework); stores to be closed half day Thursday; mothers of service men to meet.

11. December 2, 1942: Additional pay envelopes ready for distribution; checks to be sent to workers, students on outside; Santa Anita checks must be claimed immediately; formation of writers' league to be discussed.

12. December 4, 1942: Supplementary information for project census. (One page only, half in English, half in Japanese.)

13. December 8, 1942: Launch USO drive to raise needed funds; shoe repair shop now open for business; new hours announced for dry goods store; UCLA-USC football rally scheduled. Camp Fire Girls rally to be held.

14. December 10, 1942: Administrative employees to be paid tomorrow; additional offers of employment received; internees at Louisiana camp well; writers plan meeting; camp fire girls rally to be held.

15. December 14, 1942: Balance of September paychecks here; classes set for Army candidates; barbers to hold meeting; college students to meet with YWCA workers.

16. December 22, 1942: Distribute October-November clothing checks; draft sign-up begins for 18-year-olds; residents interviewed for outside jobs; lost item.

17. December 29, 1942: Additional clothing, pay checks distributed; community stores to be closed two days; unemployment claims must be filed individually; Sentinel's New Year edition to be on sale; seek to complete delivery of evacuee property; last rites; hiking permits available; two objects found.

18. January 7, 1943: Issue grants, unemployment compensation; educational survey conducted by night school; Japanese language books sought; laundry service offered residents here; here's how to make service calls to plumbers; new dry goods store hours; object lost.

19. January 12 (?), 1943: November checks to be distributed; offers of employment listed; YWCA meeting slated; general information. (Two pages, both in English.)

20. January 19, 1945: Here's what to do in case of frost bite; prolonged exposure to cold; warehouse, public works employees get checks. (To those who think the interees were pampered, why would instructions be issued on how to avoid frost bite?)

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