Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 3 #11-15

Vol. 3 #11: March 11, 1944

Page 1: Editorial; Nisei braves sniper's bullets to save wounded major's life; many young Nisei are content in being quislings to selves; 63 draftees take physicals; trail blazer may get DSC: inductees free to visit center; legion pledges respect to Nisei fighting for U.S.


Page 2: With the churches; midwest farm jobs increase; three resign from council; merit certificate received here; Canadian-born Nisei installed as pastor of Chicago church.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; coronation ball tonight; camp fire week will be observed; draft deferment; vital statistics; coal crew member hurt in accident; Parade, sports.

Page 4: Editorials cont; On the Outside; letters to the editor.

Page 5: One Year Ago this Week; Nisei obtains school job in Iowa; Round Up; This Weeks' Heroes; letters to the editor cont; draftees physicals cont.

Page 6: Young nisei cont; leaves; relocation in review; nine complete nurse course; Nisei braves sniper bullets cont; visitors; movies; block volunteers extinguish blaze.

Page 7: Sports.

Pages 8: Plans for 1944 farm program announced; Nisei petition President; membership drive to be held by Red Cross unit; enterprises show profit for quarter; court upholds evacuee owner; niece of King visits Granada; alien land law petition filed; 3 more fire units formed; math classes might be discontinued by night school.

A nasty crime of violence.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #12: March 18, 1944

Page 1: Statement on draft corrected; Register correspondent lauds uncomplaining Nisei fighters; liberal rule to govern evacuee property control; relocation is easier route to coast return; New York Japanese Americans urge support of Red Cross; evacuees hold legal status; Tarawa veteran visits patients; Fuiji is held on $10,000 bond; pre-induction trip is new experience for youths.

Page 2: With the churches; church news; Michigan hospital has many Japanese American employees; Additional Society News; nurse training offered 2 girls; five internees rejoin families.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Bussei queen and attendants; Cubs hold scout rally; engagement; recital features moonlight sonata; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; pre-induction trip cont; Rev. Evans to give talks tomorrow.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Letters to the Editor; Round Up; This Week's Heroes; vital statistics.

Page 6: Leaves; visitors; relocation in review; mess workers elect Kuno head; six trainees complete course.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Center-wide clean-up drive slated; Nisei service policy cleared; farm equipment swapped at Gila River conclave; opportunities for relocation plentiful in New England area; man found guilty in assault case; Lutheran hostel aids evacuees; typical students picked in contest; Boy Scouts to hold rally; two ex-Heart Mountain girls making good in Philadelphia.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #13: March 25, 1944

Page 1: Petition answered by war staff; seasonal leave rules relaxed; 'go for broke' here in April; 28 Nisei face court martial; 140 called for pre-induction examinations.

Tule Lake and the Dies committee.

Page 2: With the churches; leaves; visitors; classified.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Parade; aid pledged relocatees at Kansas City confab; social news.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; 'barbed wire philosophy' aids evacuees to maintain balance; One Year Ago This Week.

Page 5: The Scratch Pad; letters to the editor.

Page 6: Relocation in Review; no policy against Nisei soldiers cont; movies.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Heart Mountain farm program approved; youth given G.I. haircut; postal rates to be hiked; majority of Nisei are loyal to America; stores realize $6,428 profit; 21,000 evacuees now relocated; war plant job open to evacuees; two cases to be tried; center plunged into darkness; fire chief stresses good housekeeping.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #14: April 1, 1944

Page 1: 315 Nisei are called for exams; grand feeling in the 442nd; rulings bring liberal leave and grant policies; leave hearings held at Tule; Sentinel staff receives V-mail; Pasadena group to aid Nisei; evacuee, leaving for new job, impressed by outside world; wounded officer praises highly ability of puka-puka troops.

Page 2: With the Churches; evacuee impressed cont; pair dismissed for gate crash; PTA meetings; Hana matsuri plan made by Buddhists; vital statistics.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Parade; social news; court of awards held at school gym; students to hold gym benefit dance.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; letters to the editor cont; Round Up; This Weeks' Heroes.

Page 6: Trial relocation cont; leaves; visitors; relocation in review; grants cont; movies.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Annual clean-up campaign begins; two residents sent to Tule; Nisei soldier would change Japanese name; WRA director believes Nisei should have right to return to west coast; 1720 enrolled in night school; service set by Buddhists; church plans Easter service; Nisei jumper wearing wings; equal rights for Nisei urged; assimilation of relocatees lags in Chicago; three leave for enterprises meet.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #15: April 8, 1944

Page 1: 2nd group enters Army on April 13; World War I veteran nephews pledge destruction of brother; loans from farm security now available to Nisei; council asks Shimpo editor for retraction; paratroopers like assignment although training is tough; Army benefits not deductible; Chinese girls donate money; Schome arrives here April 16; they proved they were fine, loyal and brave.

Page 2: With the Churches; Chicago hostel to close; services, movie and dance mark Hana Matsuri program; Christian church will hold sunrise service tomorrow; New York church contributes toys; 500 enjoy play given by seniors; Boston Nisei making good; sketch planned by Spanish club; parolees to join families here; vital statistics; classified.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; The Social World; Parade.

Page 4: Editorials; On the Outside; Washington News-letter; letters to the editor.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Round Up; California minister defends Nisei; This Weeks' Heroes; travel advice; Kuroki overcame prejudice to enter Army Air Forces; letters cont.

Page 6: Leaves; visitors; Relocation in Review; U.S. racial composition told in magazine picture story; VFW opposes coast group; second group cont; Santa Fe camp; three get jobs; family to leave for Crystal City.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 10,000 acres of idle land made production by evacuees; work begins on local farm; manpower commission reports classify labor market areas; paper raps detention of evacuees; New York Nisei volunteers for Women's Army Corps; travel grant ruling given; Red Cross nets $1896 in drive; center sanitation praised by Lowe; outstanding seniors picked; sports.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

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