Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. 3 #16-20

Vol. 3 #16: April 15, 1944

Page 1:ACLU takes issue with Okamoto; new function established to aid acceptance and evacuee adjustment; Nisei winner over 2 tanks; Carroll leaves for conference on relocation; coast group to aid Nisei; three more leave for Army; 'we fight for all Americans' captain declares; Chinese pleads for tolerance; first JA 'lost' ex-editor's kin.

Page 2: With the churches; church news; head nurse will visit sick mother; New York office to be retained; Camp Fire Girls study first aid; local delegates leave for YW meet; vital statistics.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; recreation holds draftee dance; Ke-Y men sponsor 'thank you' dance; block 15 sponsors 'last round up'; block 6 residents fete draftees; experiences as YWCA worker told; Troop 341 hikes to Heart Mountain; block 23 to hold dance tonight; Nisei's place in life stressed by Dorothea Spellman at Y meet; parade.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Outside; Washington News-Letter; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Round-up; democracy triumphs over prejudice; This Week's Heroes; letters cont; tempest in a teapot.

Page 6: ACLU director cont; leaves; visitors; relocation in review; three more leave for Army cont; bridge deadline.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Center life handicaps WC return; Ripon college exams planned; all residents rewarded for clean-up week; property ruling is revised; Payne to attend welfare conclave; Lovell mayor will speak; government aides study 2 petitions; Nisei 'steno' gets CIO job; 45 employed on local farm; Bodine arrives here April 29; war agencies urge equality for loyal aliens seeking jobs.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #17: April 22, 1944

Page 1: Ickes slashes race-baiters; 'privilege to be beside them' Iowa soldiers say of Nisei; outstanding Nisei hero, winner of 2 DSC medals, will be council's guest; community offers service to 52 youths; Omura out as Shimpo editor; church hits alien land law.


Page 2: With the churches; two local girls leave for Hawaii; March profits total $9156; deaths and funerals; drawing class begins Monday; Friends group sends flannel.

Page 3: Heartbeat; Parade; Yoshihashi leads cabinet of USO parents organization; 53 players enter bridge tourney; award dance ends cage season; 12 clubs to attend Royalette social; high school prom will be held May 5; sophomore class with hold social; Hirabayashi is visit in Heart Mountain.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Outside; Washington News-Letter; Fortune's evacuation story most comprehensive published.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; Round-up; Letters to the Editor; 37 apprentice trainees assigned; Fortune's story cont.

Page 6: Ickes cont; leaves; visitors; relocation in review; egg production totals 5,000 daily.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 8 draftees honored at send-off ceremony; local girl to join cadet nurse corps; freedom urged for evacuees; social security board aid relocated evacuees hit by emergencies; From the Nation's Press; Nisei sailors to be shipped; discrimination in Cleveland much less than in California; doctor winner of fellowship.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #18: April 29, 1944

Page 1: Secretary Ickes accuses LaGuardia, 2 governors of racial discrimination; community celebration features visit of hero; service mothers praise Kuroki; Ben Kuroki average American despite brave achievements; sergeant busy signing name; Kuroki feted at banquet.

Page 2: With the Churches; Nisei war hero will attend Christian, Buddhist services; welfare worker joins local staff.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Parade; Kuroki honored at many socials; revue presented by Glee Club girls; national Boy Scout director will visit center next week; gym locale for dance tonight; duplicate bridge met set for May 6; 400 attend dance held at gym; Girl's Club plans spring social; 'vagabond dreams' theme of dance; Bodine to visit center on May 8.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Outside; Washington News-Letter; letters to the editor.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; State Solon attacks discrimination; Round-up; 'Ben' impresses officials here; letters to the editor; Ickes cont.; new nurse joins hospital staff.

Page 6: Kuroki average American cont; leaves; visitors; Lincoln PTA will hear welfare head; Washington PTA plans program; vital statistics.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: 58 youths to leave for pre-induction test; 500 Jerome residents to arrive in June; 'I am proud of my uniform' Kuroki tells prep students; no changes in seasonal policy made; group is busy on boy's behalf; 12 pass 'exams'; visitors' house opens Monday; enter posters in contest; graduation slated May 11; 3000 residents turn out to welcome war hero.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #19: May 6, 1944

Page 1: Washington puts 'silencer' on LaGuardia; Stimson clarifies policy; 'puka-puka' fighters in Italy described as 'a deadly bunch'; Carroll opens new function on relocation; Nisei interpreters in Pacific have admiration of Marines; Senator proved wrong again; Issei 'prof' saved by co-ed blood donors; Kuroki to ask for assignment.

Page 2: With the Churches; vital statistics; deadline revealed by loop director; 2 parolees will rejoin families; radios, cameras returned to owners; associate editor leaves for St. Paul; last rites.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; Eight hundred attend Scout program; national Scout executive accorded warm reception here; Dr. Harris visits Sentinel office; engagements/weddings; Parade; first bridge meet to be held today.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Outside; Washington News-letter; Letters to the Editor.

Page 5: Ben Kuroki's visit.

Page 6: Ickes cont; leaves; visitors; Anderson, Kurtz leave for parlay; local police get new sub-stations; YW delegates back from meet; pianist featured; wedding; construct workers' assembly building.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: High school commencement exercises set; This Weeks' Heroes; prep students elect officers; 125 to leave for Tule Lake; seniors attend service Sunday; 610 acres of crops to be planted; Leupp center will reopen; evacuee meet is postponed; Bodine scheduled to arrive Monday; list of local high school graduates is released.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

Vol. 3 #20: May 13, 1944

Page 1: 125 leave for Tule next week; 80 Nisei work in war agencies; clerks topping all relocatees; voting rights now confirmed; Bodine confers with students; 'God bless you' writes chaplain; local graduate passes V-12 test; 'why should punishment continue' writer asks.

Draft dodging.

Page 2:With the Churches; Red Cross nets $2079 in drive; Christian, Buddhist churches will observe Mother's Day; last rites; 5th Court of Honor held by Boy Scouts.

Page 3: Covering the Heartbeat; weddings; bridge tourney winners revealed; farewell dinner held by Sentinel; 14 youth clubs guest of Avons; residents to observe Mother's Day tomorrow; sportsmen thank 9 clubs at dance; Zebras will honor Army inductees; engagements; Parade; Broncos invite 11 youth clubs; students hold final assembly; Circle 22 club is reorganized; graduates hold farewell social; C.A.-USO farewell fetes ex-members.

Page 4: Editorial; On the Outside; Washington News-Letter; ex-center residents gratified 'they struck out on their own'.

Page 5: One Year Ago This Week; citizenship carries responsibility; Round-Up; This Weeks' Heroes; many evacuees expected to relocate in N.Y. area; post cards; Nisei WAC reports to Camp Crowder; headstones for six graves erected.

Page 6: Group aids evacuees to become integral part of American life; leaves; visitors; police banquet set for tonight; 169 grade school students graduate; vital statistics.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Clear thinking stressed by Lovell mayor; Philadelphia home of 21 ex-Heart Mountaineers; From the Nation's Press; girl is winner of scholarship; Nisei offered free courses; 544 Nisei in ten relocation centers accepted by Army; canal work is completed; back from parlay; 'you have two strikes against you' pastor tells graduate.

Pages 9-14: In Japanese.

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