Heart Mountain, Wyoming Sentinel Supplement, Issues 21-40

21. January 21, 1943: December checks here for activities 100, 300, 400; residents warned to stay away from range-firing area; World War I veteran passes away; make payments on public assistance grants; classes in English improvement planned; qualified typists asked to sign up.

22. January 25, 1943: Wake services; shift local of fireman's ball (only one page long, half in Japanese.)

23. January 29, 1943: Unemployment compensation and clothing allowances; complete issuance of December paychecks; night school registration continues; last rites. (2 pages, English only)

24. February 1, 1943: December clothing payment begins tomorrow (1 page, half English, half in Japanese).

25. February 5, 1943: Additional offers of employment received; residents asked to return WRA textbooks (1 1/2 pages in English, half a page in Japanese.)

27. February 9, 1943: Three more meetings scheduled by Army team; stay away from range firing area; state gambling laws to be enforced here; a funeral; woman bookkeeper, Japanese typewriter operator wanted; Heart Mountain All-Stars win.

28. February 11, 1943: Clarification of the registration program; relocation officer here for interviews; farming opportunities offered by sugar company.

29. February 12, 1943: Farm and automotive equipment survey; start payment of unemployment compensation. (Both pages in English.)

The first page.

30. February 15, 1943: Registration of male residents starts; January checks here for activities 200 and 300; rules governing construction and use of materials. (4 pages; first 2 in English.)

31. February 16, 1943: Announce change in registration schedule; January checks for three more activities here; shoes now being accepted for repairs; bona fide dependents entitled to clothing grants; memorial rites; item found; item wanted.

32. February 18, 1943: Deadline set for raising clothing allowances; rumors checked by investigating committee; routine of internee mail by postal censor told.

Note about registering.

33. February 19, 1943: Mess hall, motor pool, housing employees get checks; provisions of disability compensation explained; 250 workers sought by railroad company; prospective share croppers interviewed.

34. February 23, 1943: Registration for eight more blocks announced; conservation of electricity asked; shoes accepted for repairs, repair men wanted; barbers and beauticians wanted; additional truck workers wanted; Milwaukee relocation officer here for interviews; residents interviewed for outside employment.

35. February 24, 1943: Student relocation officer to speak tomorrow; schools to be closed Friday for registration; distribute checks to community services employees; public speaking class to hold forum; washing machine wanted (1 page only, half in English.)

36. February 25, 1943: Saturday deadline for registration; block elections to be held.

This refers to the loyalty question, plus the rumor that citizenship would be taken away from the Nisei.

37. February 26, 1943: Registration to be completed tomorrow; payment of January clothing allowance begins; shoe ration books to be issued; additional job offers received; resettlement committee sends job offers; accept applications for railroad employment.

38. March 1, 1943: Final registration instructions released; secondary temporary council to be picked; assist residents in preparing income tax returns; shoe ration certificates exhausted again.

39. March 2, 1943: 15 of 19 block chairmen elected; USO tea canceled; Heart Mountain cagers drop two games. (Only 1 page long, half in Japanese.)

40. March 3, 1943: Registration of women to begin Friday; range firing slated March 1 to 20; farewell dinner; YWCA organization meetings set.

This seems to be a little confusing, possibly, but it relates to those wanted to return to Japan.

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