Heart Mountain, Wyoming Sentinel Supplement, Issues 41-60

41. March 8, 1943: Share-cropping offers received; additional railroad workers wanted; seek 60 farm workers; position open for experienced poultryman; visitors not allowed in ward 4 (medical reason); Tuesday and Wednesday last days to register.

42. March 9, 1943: Block managers, chairmen offer cooperation; post 12 installation social delayed. (Only 1 page long, half in English.)

43. March 11, 1943: Income tax returns must be filed by March 15; beauty shop opens; Nisei inspect farm prospects in Montana; last rites; ban use of extinguishers for dousing hot ashes; older girls' club to be organized; basketball article.

44. March 12, 1943: February paychecks to be distributed tomorrow; residents urged to call for shoes; last rites; new chief nurse. (1 page, half in English).

45. March 15, 1943: English page is below.

An important explanation.

46. March 16, 1943: New plan announced by health department; another beauty shop opens; railroad company seeks 32 workers; sugar company representatives here for interviews; seek couple for employment in Denver; discontinue issuance of shoe ration tickets; wool and rayon yardage on sale tomorrow; basketball results. (3 pages long, 1 1/4 pages in Japanese.)

47. March 19, 1943: Survey of farm and automotive equipment; distribute checks to 13 work activities tomorrow.

48. March 22, 1943: Rocky mountain spotted fever; transfer of warehouse and property control section announced; two residents back from farm inspection tour; hospital seeks replacements for nurses' aides; plan service flag for Heart Mountain boys in Army.

49. March 23, 1943: Payment of February clothing allowance starts tomorrow; February checks here for ten more activities; 2 beauty shops, 3 barber shops now open; issuance of shoe certificates begins; post office sub-station 4 moved; pay February unemployment compensation; railroad company seeks 180 workers; additional employment offers received; change in movie schedule announced; judo tournament; WRA official here to interview workers; films, slides on sugar beet raising to be shown; seek 50 experienced tractor operators; repaired shoes ready to be claimed.

50. (Date unknown): Work regulations issued by project director; form property owners' association; canal workers, tractor drivers wanted; list additional job offers; Hana-matsuri set; co-op election canceled; announce rural defense training program; hold registration for advanced sewing class; USO to hold open house for mothers of servicemen; urge residents to turn in receipts; to distribute pamphlets on farm conditions in Montana area; supply of repatriation forms exhausted. (4 pages long).

51. March 30, 1943: Ban private practice by barber, beauty operators; additional job offers listed; accept shoes for repairs in Billings; urge residents to claim shoes; USO benefit dance postponed; Sumo tourney; residents asked to send in names of servicemen; railroad representative here to interview residents; correction- sugar allowance decreased, not increased; to present talent show and kabuki.

52. April 2, 1943: Ban garbage dumping, tick control told; lift point rationing on fruit juices; choice contracts offered by sugar company; addition to Barbers staff command; sports announcements; ask return of empty prescription bottles; 20 additional agricultural workers needed.

53. April 6, 1943: Many attractive offers received; kite flyers warned by chief electrician; information on property stored in Los Angeles; give clothing allowance to those leaving center; USO mother's club to meet; domestic positions open in Indianapolis; Buddhist church sponsors lectures; three crippled children hospitalized; residents asked to keep clear of high school building; lost item.

The newsletters seem to have become longer, usually 3 to 4 pages in length.

54. April 8, 1943: Ban inflammable decorations around light bulbs; residents urged to observe police signs; release information on mailing of letters; church commission official visits center; more nurses' aides needed at hospital; may appeal to California unemployment compensation; several more job offers received; select new dates for Rho Girls parley; replacements sought by fire department; halt acceptance of shoes for repair in Billings; return empty prescription bottles; new hours for dry goods store; sports announcements; lost object.

55. April 8, 1943: Project director seeks aid for farm program.

56. April 13, 1943: Shoe ration cards valid only 30 days; more employment offers received; unemployment compensation to be paid; student YMCA secretary to speak tonight; stagedoor canteen honors volunteers; symphonic will be presented Sunday; new boxing schedule released; basketball game.

57. April 15, 1943: Army extends opportunity for qualified Nisei to enlist; ban kite flying in dangerous areas; firemen to pick up rubbish during clean-up work; job offers continue to pour in; domestic positions available in Indianapolis; plan formation of sponsor's group for judo school; lost & wanted items; many positions with new project now available; March paychecks here.

58. April 20, 1943: North Dakota relocation officers here for interviews; all drivers of WRA vehicles must take test; Good Friday service slated by Catholics; volunteers meet tonight at USO lounge; each block to get four Montgomery Ward catalogs; shoe repair shoe again accepting shoes; canned mandarin oranges on sale; additional employment offers listed; sports articles; LA. firm offers new fabrics for Spring wear.

59. April 22, 1943: Instructions for clean-up week listed; prep students participate in clean-up; Holy Communion scheduled tonight; month-end sale announced by dry goods store; two day Rho conference; sports article; various notices; checks for activities 500, 510 and 520 ready for distribution; additional employment offers.

60. April 26, 1943: Camp Savage recruiting officer arrives today; issuance of clothing allowance starts; registration conducted for electronics course; more pay checks ready for distribution; seek home for two-year old Dickie; WRA seeks qualified translators, interpreters; sports article.

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