Heart Mountain, Wyoming Sentinel Supplement, Issues 61-74

61. April 26, 1943: Many additional job offers listed; (A lot of the job offers being listed in the various supplements are for domestic positions, but there's also a lot of jobs which are for people in industry and other positions.)WRA cautions residents on farm equipment; ceiling placed on used commercial cars; shorthand, typing instructors wanted; knife throwing banned; ask return of YWCA books; basketball, volleyball announcements; seek workers for Ogden-Logan, Utah area; farm laborers wanted in Nebraska.

62. May (?) , 1943: Workers sought by internal employment division; war savings stamp committee meets; deadline for taking driver's test; boys' and girls' week parade; care in use of playground equipment asked; community enterprises announcements.

63. May 4, 1943: Seek 50 workers for farm work in Idaho; several adult education instructors wanted; 18 nurses' aides needed at hospital; list halls available for recreation activities; ask residents to keep out of high school area; dry cleaning desk temporarily closed; sports shorts.

64. May 5, 1943: Many job offers from Michigan received; many jobs open within project; community enterprises announcements; postponed play day activities Friday; basketball article; motor pool dance postponed.

65. May 7, 1943: Permits required for public gatherings (this relates to fire safety more than anything else); additional employment offers received; physicians to certify sick leave certificates; victory garden to be cleaned; issue special grants, clothing allowances; dry cleaning service accepts clothes again; bookkeeping, Spanish and shorthand-typing classes are discontinued; two WRS policeman's badges lost; experienced landscape gardeners wanted; softball managers to meet; lack of equipment holds up nursery school opening; two items wanted.

Hirabayashi case.

66. May 8, 1943: Volunteers' rally postponed.

67. May 11, 1943: List additional outside employment offers; additional job openings here announced; defense jobs open to Nisei in Illinois; continue shoe reduction sale here for two days; seasonal laborers wanted by Cheyenne farm; information on NYA training centers; sports articles; two items wanted.

68. May 13, 1943: Job offers available for Nisei women in net industry; Doane (?) college of Nebraska seeks Nisei instructors; WRA urges residents to sell their automobiles; deadline for art contest; seek laborers and gardeners for landscape work; additional showings of basketball movies slated.

69. May 14, 1943: Additional outside employment offers received; residents asked to keep out of hotbed area; to discuss local farming conditions; canning company recruiter expected here.

70. May 17, 1943: Co-op discussion meetings slated; announce additional job openings within center; March, April unemployment compensation distributed; donation of furniture asked by community activities; letter addressed to former Cal students received; movies for this week canceled; report forwarding address, post office says; return of magazines asked by librarian; many types of employment listed; preregistration for YWCA parlay.

71. May 18, 1943: Coal to be delivered to mess halls only; residents urged to claim shoes; new placement system for domestic jobs adopted; glass blower, chemical engineers, laboratory workers wanted; twenty cooks wanted in Detroit; volleyball games slated; YWCA conference will be held; find conditions in Nebraska satisfactory; reveal openings for mechanics in Boston area; wake services; heirs of recently deceased asked to contact attorney; Girl Scouts to collect artificial flowers; sports article; musical program will be held.

72. May 19, 1943: Japanese language instructors wanted by universities; urge residents to put return addresses on outgoing mail; changes in YWCA conference program announced; residents asked to claim repaired shoes; sports article; foster parents needed.

73. May 20, 1943: Cooperatives rejected at Tuesday's election; increased wages announced by Chicago hotel; Buddhists sponsor entertainment program; block 6 residents to clear farm area; ration books returned at employment office; messages to relatives in Japan being accepted; athletic equipment issued.

Hirabayashi case again.

I do not have numbers 74 through 89.

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