Heart Mountain, Wyoming Sentinel Supplement, Issues 90-110

90. June 25, 1943: More employment offers pour in; help in unloading coal asked; Heart Mountain Buddhist church Sunday school teachers to meet; indefinite leave necessary for farm work in Middle East, East; USES man to recruit labor for Wyoming area; war savings stamps sales contest rules given; free golf lessons offered; sports announcements.

91. June 29, 1943: Self-government charter approved by project director; additional outside employment offers listed; appeal for aid in unloading coal again made; Schmoe here for interviews on relocation; second leadership training classes to start; high school band practice starts; opportunity to learn shoe-repairing given; registration for new flower-arrangement class starts; handicrafts opens again; new orders for YWCA membership pins taken; new nursery to open in block 28; Girl Scouts announcements; sports announcements; enrollment for domestic training class still open.

92. June 30, 1943: Report of foreign property must be filed; residents with household goods stored in L.A. Tenrikyo church to fill forms; hold registration for daily vacation church school; change in Sunday school hours announced; additional job offers listed; specialized employment offers from St. Louis area; two elementary school buildings available for living quarters soon; two food stores will be closed Sunday; sports announcements.

93. July 2, 1943: More offers of jobs listed; railroad to recruit workers for Wyoming, Montana area; intermediate English class to meet; warning against improper use of official stationary; $100 household exemption allowable on California tax; work clothing will no longer be issued; gala Fourth of July public dance slated; theatres closed on Fourth of July; sports announcements; Boan Hooing (???) job available in Montana.

94. July 5, 1943: Vote on charter postponed indefinitely; short wave radio sets must be turned in; application for shoe ration stamps explained; schedule for Bishop Roifsnidor's visit; sports announcements; two thank yous.

95. July 6, 1943: Employment office gets additional job offers; alien registration check-up scheduled; residents invited to join handicraft classes; hold summer vacation program for children; wood carving, crochet and artificial flower exhibit slated; YWCA meeting scheduled; approval needed for benefit programs; wake services; sports articles.

Legal issue.

96. July 8, 1943: Residents leaving for jobs must have social security cards; Evanston, Illinois hotel seeks nine maids; Pagoda chosen winning theater name; various short notices; outside employment office gets additional job offers; American History classes to be resumed; sports announcements; Buddhist church invitation.

This is then followed by a list of names, last know address and occupation, if known.

97. July 12, 1943: Notice of election; election regulations for ratification of charter; sample ballot.

98. July 13, 1943: Camp Savage recruiters arrive Thursday; Army Socks-many items stored in coast states; four arrive here from Santa Fe detention camp; sentinel to carry WRA segregation story; warn against excessive use of water; short notices; list additional outside employment offers; polls open tomorrow; Heart Mountain resident dies in Billings; sports article; meeting notices; lost items; Obon services; in appreciation.

99. July 15, 1943: Dillion Myer to speak over air tonight; reunion of families with detainees delayed; issue call for 25 saw mill workers; cash register receipts now being accepted; Issei women urged to enroll in nurses' aides class; 20 men needed to hoo (hoe?) beans in Thermopolis; Boy Scouts to hold joint meeting; General Mills application forms received here; Heart Mountain charter ratified; here are additional outside job offers; death takes former San Jose woman; interviews for perspective Girl Scouts leader set; summer playground schedule released; sports announcements; general information.

Violence outside the camps.

100. July 20, 1943: Personal long distance phone calls banned; all cash register receipts should be turned in; beauty schools will accept Nisei students; payment of public assistance grants starts tomorrow; Red Cross executive council meets tonight; tailoring, costume design, sewing schedule released; funeral; general information; sports announcements; additional outside employment offers listed; wanted; lost; for sale.

101. July 21, 1943: Evacuees warned against use of explosives; Issei women urged to enroll in nurses' aide class; two men wanted for farm work near Powell; Boy Scout court of honor set Friday; more employment offers received; general information; sports announcements.

102. July 23, 1943: Filing of property report extended to November; well-baby clinic at hospital discontinued; general information; sports announcement; 10 volunteers will leave Sunday; seek two men for Cody ranch; 50 men wanted for railroad work; more outside job offers received; lost; for sale.

103. July 27, 1943: Student council aide holds daily interviews; seek present address of repatriates; opportunities available in Cleveland to learn skilled trades; unskilled workers sought by paper mill; general information; Saturday designated as clean-up day; need volunteer workers to complete swimming hole; persons skilled in specialized crafts sought; 50-60 workers needed for pea harvest; sports announcements; additional outside job offers received; thank you note.

104. July 28, 1943: Install six phones to handle emergency calls; Red Cross membership drive starts; funeral services for nine-month old baby; YBA to hold first evening service; community enterprises store to close for inventory; Boys, Girls to see free movie; volunteers to complete work on swimming hole; general information; clean-up day instructions released; job offers received from Fort Warren; additional outside job offers received

105. July 30, 1943: Sentinel copies will be sold in mess hall; shoe ration certificates to be issued; schedule for well-baby clinic announced; stored rationed food may be shipped here; two funeral services scheduled; workers sought for straw bailing operations; seek 80 men for track work in Billings area; general information; more outside employment offers received; two funeral notices; Boy Scouts to pick peas again; more volunteers needed.

106. August 2, 1943: Correction; swimming hole calls for more workers; movie named for this week (Rings on Her Fingers); sports announcements; movie on job finding to be shown; funeral set; general information; football managers to meet; more employment offers received; death announcement; two thank yous, one funeral notice.

107. August 3, 1943: More employment offers received; property stored in L.A. temple damaged by vandals; University of Michigan's hospital offers job opportunities; evacuees must notify Selective Service of address changes; Yosh Kodama to speak; railway company seeks more workers; Chi Rho seniors to hold social; general notices.

108. August 5, 1943: Application for CAA certificate renewals accepted; foreign property report exemptions revealed; Phillips peach picking contract canceled; cash receipts accepted until Saturday; geologist to speak; police warnings issued residents; 80 men sought for track work in Billings area; railroad work calls for 50 men; USO schedule released; sports announcements; general information; unclaimed mail at post office; more offers for employment received; misc. employment offers; OPA gives evacuees equal shoe ration privilege; final services set; thank you notice.

(No #109)

110. August 12, 1943: Dillon S. Myer to speak tonight; three more Army volunteers leave for physical examination; artificial flowers to be displayed; sports announcement; general information; employment opportunities for perspective relocatees listed; Boy Scouts to be given swimming lessons.

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