Japan 1911-1925:Taisho Era

Upon the death of the Meiji Emperor in 1911 the new Emperor started the Taisho era. During this time the first World War boosted Japan's economy and trade. Japan gained some territories in China and the South Pacific. Political parties became stronger and democratic ideas become more widespread but a postwar economic recession leads to the socialist movement gaining ground.

Particular dates of importance

1912: Death of Meiji Emperor

1912-1926: Emperor Taisho

July 28, 1914: World War I begins

1914: Japan declares war on Germany.

1914, August 23: Japan joins the Allied side in World War I

1915, Jan. 18: Japan issues 21 Demands to China

1918: Rice riots in many Japanese cities. Japanese troops are sent to Siberia during the Russian Revolution.

1919, June 28: Treaty of Versailles ends WWI, League of Nations Covenant is signed

1920, Japan joins the League of Nations

1920: U.S. film entitled Shadows of the West depicts Japanese immigrant farmers as being spies for Japan and as sexual predators on innocent white girls.

1921: Crown Prince Hirohito becomes prince regent. Emperor Yoshihito retires due to mental illness.

1921: Japan, the U.S., Britain and France sign a treaty formalizing the status quo in the Pacific.

1922, Feb. 6: Five-Power Naval Disarmament Treaty signed in Washington, setting parity of ships at U.S.=5, Britain=5, Japan=3.

1922: Burakumin activists establish the Suiheisha (Levelers' Society)

1922: The Public Order and Policed Law of 1900 is amended to allow women to join political associations.

1922: The Japan Communist Party is established.

1923: The Great Kanto earthquake kills more than 130,000 people

1924: U.S. passes an Immigration act banning Japanese from immigrating to the U.S.

1924: The Japanese Communist Party dissolves itself.

1924: The Women's Suffrage League is established

1924: Emperor Taisho dies.

1925, Jan. 20: Japan-USSR Treaty signed restoring diplomatic relations between the two countries

1925: Males over the age of 25 are given the vote

The Japanese Communist Party establishes itself (again).

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