Tanforan Totalizer, Issues 16 through 19

Vol. 1 #16: August 22, 1942

Page 1: There's an article about residents voting in state primaries. There is going to be a count of all federal property in the camp, which includes the residents' rooms. The election for the Center Advisory Panel has been canceled due only two petitions being turned in.

There's an article, part of which I have here, about voluntary evacuation, but residents cannot go to a number of different states. This follows the idea of forcing the Japanese to spread out through the U.S. Also, the people in the states indicated really don't want them back.

Page 2: A continuation of a couple of articles from page 1, and a notice on basic clothing distribution.

Residents have to turn in all their Japanese literature, except for Bibles and dictionaries, so they can supposedly be boxed up and sent to relocation centers where the residents will be going. There's articles on house managers, and one on the canteen.

Page 3: Some daily newspapers are available. There's a company that wants to buy property belong to residents in a certain part of San Francisco. There are also articles about the churches and the medical center. The flower garden and greenhouse will be open for people to visit. There have been five births, and there have been two more funerals. There have also been some items lost that individual people are looking for.

Page 4: Previews and Reviews talks about a dance, a folk dance, and three musical events. There's a longish article on the shoe repair shop, and the movie that will be shown the next week is "The Boys from Syracuse."

Page 5: The education page. 7% of the high school students have made the honor roll. Four pre-school centers have been established. The student court tried three students for insubordination and cheating and they were all three found guilty and sentenced to blackboard cleaning, writing a letter of apology to the teacher, and writing a composition about "Student Conduct in the Classroom."" There has been a Co-op essay contest, but only three essays had been received so the deadline was pushed forward.

One girl got a $1100 scholarship to Wesesley College in Massachusetts, and another person turned down a scholarship to the University of Chicago. There is a PTA meeting, and the library needs all State Department of Education pamphlets returned.

Page 6: The editorial is about the coming relocation to somewhere, the somewhere not being known at that time.

This is the normal short editorials article and its title. What they have in it is really interesting this time, and shows some of the bitterness that the internees felt.

On the WRA front has news about Poston and Tule Lake.

Page 7: With the Womenfolk, and the Copy Boy articles are on this page, and the survey question is "Should We Open Up a Second Front in Europe Now?"

Page 8: The page title is Employment. There's an article on a diet kitchen worker, and an article on one of the postal workers at the camp.

Page 9: Library Notes and the Scouting articles. A Recreation article, and an article on the marionette troupe. There was also a baby contest, a marble derby, a bridge tournament, and a horseshoe-throwing contest.

Page 10: The sports page, with information on judo, badminton, boxing, and softball.

Vol. 1 #17: Aug. 29, 1942

Page 1: Basic clothing will be gotten to the residents one way or another; paychecks and scrip books will be available. The number of pages in the newsletter is being reduced for this and one further issue, to allow more space in the final issue. People also won't be allowed to go outside the camp to secure personal property (as far as I can make out from the article) Also, for now, people need to stop writing to the Western Defense Command about requests for parole or release, and these should now be sent ot the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Page 2: There are some new rules about the medical center. There will be no more visitors allowed without getting prior approval. House Mangers column notes that people who have boxed things up for shipping to a relocation center can have the contents examined. The library has lost a valuable book, and will be closing permanently soon. The high school will be holding open house. There will be a goh-shogi tournament. There will also be tournaments for bridge and golf.

Page 3: An article about the churches, and the usual Kitchen article. Another lost & found column, and the post office has some unclaimed items. There have also been two births in the camp.

Page 4: There's an editorial on "Women and the War,"" and the editorial shorts section. The Copy Boy also has his article on this page.

Page 5: There will be a Mardi Gras festival. There will also be a dance, a concert, a musical, and a “playhouse petite.”

Page 6 is the sports page. There's reports on badminton, sumo, basketball, boxing, football, and softball.

I do not have issue 18.

Vol. 1 #19, Final Issue, Sept. 12, 1942

Page 1: There's an Administrative Message to the residents, and an article about the main evacuation starting on September 15th. They are going to Topaz, Utah.

Page 2: Continuation of the main evacuation column from the first page. Also, the embarkation procedure is given. There will be a co-op at the new camp. Tanforan's camp post office will remain open for the meantime.

Page 3: A lot of desert area where they are going.

A map of where they are going.

Page 4: Continuation of the article from page 3, and information on the WRA personnel at the new site.

Page 5: Information on Dillion Myer, and information on employment and pay.

Page 6: More information on work, and information on clothing allowances and self-government.

Page 7: A history of Tanforan, starting with May.

Page 8: May continues, and then June's history at the camp. July's history starts.

Page 9: July's history continues, and August's history starts.

Page 10: August's history continues, and then there's an epilogue.

Page 11: See below.

What Tanforan has done to help win the war.

Page 12: What has been done at the camp as far as education goes, and an article basically on where now for the Nisei.

Page 13: More on education, looking at some specific individuals.

Page 14: The Your Opinion Please section, with the question being “What will you remember most about Tanforan?”

Page 15: Another Opinion page, with the question being “What do you hope to accomplish in the relocation centers?”

Page 16: The entire page is about the medical center.

Page 17: The entire page is devoted to the library.

Page 18: The entire page is devoted to the kitchen.

Page 19: Another page devoted to the mess halls/kitchen, and how the camp made its own soap.

Page 20: The history of employment at the center, focusing on specific individuals.

Page 21: Another page on employment.

Page 22: The page covers what happened on Recreation in the center.

Page 23: More on recreation, and a section on the pre-school nursery.

Page 24: Sports history of the camp.

Page 25: Sports section continues.

Page 26: A page on the newspaper itself.

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