Santa Anita Pacemaker, Issues 21 through 25

Vol. 1 #21, June 27, 1942

Page 1: Students from 34 schools have graduated. Men 18 to 20 have to register for the draft. Varied classics will be on a music hour. There's an article on how addresses for the camp are listed, and one on graduates being feted that night. The second set of payroll checks will be coming soon.

Page 2: The Frisco Boys' Club will meet. Artists and writers will discuss John Steinbeck. Graduates heard the superintendent speak, the article being continued from page 1. Roofers are needed. The fete article is continued from the first page. There is a Men's Glee Club, and there will be a poster contest. The choir practice schedule is listed, and there's an article on the proper use of trash cans. There's also a new article called Making the Rounds and is news from other camps.

Page 3: The recreation schedule for that evening is listed. There's an article on women taking up judo. Diptheria shots are going to be given, and there's going to be a baby parade. There will be a model plane meet, and there's an article about a girls' group called the Alpha Debs.

There will be a meeting of the brass band, and there will be an artcraft and handicraft show. There have been six births and three deaths. Empty bottles are wanted.

Page 4: There's an article about a resident that makes figures out of wood. An architecture class will open, and there's an article on the Girls' Club. A mess hall committee is seeking suggestions from residents. A singfest for those 18 and under will be held. The stamp collectors group will hear from a couple of experts, and there's a list of church services.

Page 5: Twilight softball results and standings. Junior boys' softball leagues will be starting. Hardball teams are practicing, and the junior girls' softball team will play.

Page 6: The Win, Place & Show article. There's a Little Neebo cartoon, and an article about the green mess hall.

An editorial.

Vol. 1 #22, July 1, 1942

Page 1: 733 men have registered for the draft. Twins have been born. There will be six more shower buildings, and two laundries. There's a visitor's calendar, and residents must apply five days in advance to receive a visitor. Twelve boilermen are needed. There's also a major article on the funfest.

Page 2: Scouts are conducting a daily flag raising and flag lowering. Boy Scouts and promotion ratings are in an article. Center-grown vegetables will soon be added to the menu. Hollywood girls and their friends will have a meeting. The Beta Skylarks heard a speaker talking about Boy and Girl Relationships.

The Seven Aces group held an election, and a person has been doing magic tricks. There will be a speaker for the English Speaking Federated Protestant's meeting.

Page 3: The Feminine Forum article, and an article on the white mess hall. The scouts have set up camp grounds. There's an article on the Hollywood Yanks boys' club. The Vikings is a recreation club for boys 11 to 13, and it's elected a head. A junior baseball team has named itself the Aeroneers. There's a personal article on the person is is heading the art classes.

Page 4: There's a listing of the funfest events (Anita Funita). There will be a rest home near the white mess for ill and older people. The community sing for that night has been canceled. An article on the funfest from the first page is continued. Five babies have been born. There's an article on family names in the camp, with there being 77 Nakamuras. There's an article on the Old Timer's League.

Page 5: A number of baseball articles are on this page. There is also an article on sports activities on the funfest day.

Page 6: The Win, Place & Show article. The dish washers have been singing while they work. There's a Little Neebo cartoon.

An editorial.

Vol. 1 #23: July 4, 1942

Page 1: Work is being done on allowing college-age students to go to actual colleges. Coupon books will be issued. There are two articles on the Anita Funita fest.

Page 2: The article on the coupon books continues. Six dentists have been added to the staff. Residents need to notify the banks where they did their business of their new address. A new mess hall system will soon be used, having been used successfully at the white mess hall. There will be a music appreciation program, and a hardball meeting. Scouts will get together on the campground. People need to cooperate with the sanitation inspections. The student relocation plans article from page 1 is continued.

Page 3: Scouts have been collecting paper, and diptheria shots have been given. Three funeral services are set, and there's a war poster contest. There's a girls' group called the Gamma Sigma Alphas. There have been three births and two deaths. A dramatic club is in the early stages of forming.

An interesting article on superstition and horses.

Page 4: The talent show article from page 1 is continued. There's an article on a handicraft show, and one on the Anita Funita schedule. Architecture classes have started, and there's an article on folk dancing. Another funfest article from page 1 is continued.

Page 5: There are six baseball-related articles and one on judo for girls.

Page 6: The Win, Place & Show article, a Little Neebo cartoon, and an editorial.

The editorial.

Vol. 1 #24, July 8, 1942

Page 1: Mess plates need to be returned, and there's an article on the coupon books. The new laundries and showers have opened. More male workers are needed for the camouflage net project.

There's a ban on all Japanese literature.

On the same page there's rules about importing food. To me, at least, these things on the same page would raise the question of "What have I done to deserve this? Why am I being punished?""

Page 2: The Anita Funita dance drew 3000. There are piano drills that will be held. Winners have been named in the baby parade. The scouts will present comedy skits. The center barbershop will open. There has been one birth and one death. The articles on Japanese literature, and the food importing rules are continued. Student relocation questionnaires need to be returned.

Page 3: The Feminine Forum is on this page. There's a personal article about a family that lived near the center, but is now living in the center. Art classes will be held. There's an article thanking people who had anything to do with the Anita Funita. The recreation department received a donation of equipment. The Taiyo Boys' Club has a new president. There's a girls' group called the Alpha Vs. There are two other girls' groups, the Alpha Chums and the Alpha Pals.

Page 4: A theater group has formed. The Palo-Alto Pegasus club has formed. Results of the airplane contest are given, and a religious services schedule is given. The U.S. Department of Justice, INS, has set up an office at the camp.

Page 5: There are four articles on baseball, one on sumo, one on track, and one on volleyball.

Page 6: The Win, Place & Show article and a Little Neebo cartoon, plus an editorial.

The editorial.

Vol. 1 #25: July 11, 1942

Page 1: Any Japanese books taken out of the library must be returned immediately. Diptheria injections are continuing. A benefit dance will be held that night, and there will tryouts for Men's Glee Club. The White Mess tickets must have complete identification filled in. The Artists and Writers meeting will have a panel discussion. Three boys were the first to get their coupon books.

Page 2: Students who filled in the relocation survey listed their goals. There will be another model airplane contest, and a first aid talk. There's a person article about a guy that found a horseshoe. There's a group called the Gamma Gals.

A Charlie Chaplain film The Champion, and another film, Mad About Music, were shown. There's been four births and one death. Beginner's Sewing classes are starting. Nine guests were at a birthday party for a four-year-old, and ten of eleven residents that had been charged with disturbing the peace were released.

Page 3: The Brass Band needs players and instruments, the Drum & Bugle Corps seeks members, and a class in Parliamentary Law is opening. Calisthenics are being done daily, packages from Sears have arrived, a field house has opened for the lost and found, and the boy scout troupe has announced scoutmasters and officers. There's a short article on an old-timers softball game, and the church services schedule is also on this page.

Page 4: There's a person article about a tall Nisei who doesn't fit on his cot. Santa Anita took part in a rubber drive. Old Age and Survivor's Insurance will be paid to elderly evacuated as part of the evacuation orders. There will be a program of classical music, and an amateur show. Two Delta Clubs are making baby clothes. The Elons is the newest Delta Club. There will be a rally for Alpha Girls' Clubs.

There have been some behavior problems.

Page 5: There are five baseball articles, and one on horseshoes.

Page 6: The Win, Place & Show editor's column, a Little Neebo cartoon, and an editorial.

The editorial.

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