Love Audition 21 (5th Generation)

Morning Musume performs Love Machine.

The narrator for the program, talking about Morning Musume.

Short clips from a number of their songs.

Iím making a guess here, but I think it means heís whittled the number of possible members down from 25,000 + to 161.

I believe these are the final 9 girls being introduced on TV to Morning Musume.

After the finalists arrive at their training camp, so to speak, they have very strict schedules drawn up for them.

One of the things is working with a voice trainer.

One of the contestants folds early on, seemingly unable to sing during the singing lessons.

The next morning the candidates are out jogging along the beach.

Takahashi Ai.

Dance lessons are next.

Voice lessons.

The girls are helping to fix some food.

Thereís a lot of crying as the pressure gets to some of the girls. Thereís also lots more voice lessons and dance lessons and this doesnít even count when the girls are practicing on their own.

The time for the choosing is fast approaching.

Ogawa Makoto is chosen.

Risa Niigaki is chosen.

Ai Takahashi is chosen.

Asami Konno is chosen.

Then Morning Musume does The Peace song.

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