Okamura and company trick MM into participating in various tests to find out who is the "idiot" of the group. This is one of the shows, especially since it's subtitled, that will have anyone rolling in the aisles laughing.

The girls are told they are going to film a commercial.

When they get to the school-room setup, though, it turns out there is no commercial but there is a teacher.

Iida Kaori is the first to show up.

Eight minutes later Abe Natsumi shows up.

Yossie shows up after Kago and Nozomi had arrived.

Yasuda Kei arrives.

The other members began to catch on that something was up, but the four that came in together were newer members who did not take the other "test", the Mechaike Okajo Taiikusai, for athletics.

Yaguchi is the last one to arrive, "fashionably late".

They are supposed to be studying but Yaguchi is listening to a cd player and the "teacher" is trying to take it from her.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the material is considered middle school level; that is, supposedly equal to the U.S. grades 7 through 9.

For this, there is no direct equal in U.S. schools since Japanese is rarely taught in the junior high level.

I think Probability is not something most U.S. students would be familiar with, and junior high level might have trouble with a couple of the other topics.

Geography is almost never taught in U.S. schools anymore, so U.S. students would have considerable trouble with several of these categories.

Microbiology and Anatomy would be advanced subjects taught at the high school, not junior high level, in the U.S.

Remember that, for the Japanese, English is a foreign language.

The "teacher" makes fun of some of the incorrect answers.

The use of idioms seems fairly complicated.

Konno Asami does the best of all the girls on the tests.

Yasuda Kei ends up in second place.

Iida Kaori ends up third place.

Ogawa Makoto is in fourth place.

Yaguchi Mari takes fifth place.

Sixth place goes to Takahashi Ai.

Starting the bottom half, Ishikawa Rika gets seventh place.

Abe Natsumi gets eight place and is the last of the "B" group. Next will be the bottom, or "C" group.

Yoshizawa is 9th place.

Niigaki Risa is 10th place.

Kago Ai is 11th place, leaving Nozomi Tsuji as the "idiot girl" in 12th and last place.

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