The Maude Adams "mystery"

The movie Somewhere in Time told a story about an extremely successful actress that ended up leaving the stage due to some great sorrow in her life. The movie was based loosely on Maude Adams' own life and paralleled what happened to her, and the mystery of just why she originally left the stage.

The above article, taken from the Syracuse Herald, Feb. 26, 1922, typifies the mystery behind Maude Adams. One explanation given for why she left the stage was that she was secretly in love with someone, perhaps Frohman, and when he died the loss was too much for her. As in the tabloids of our times, the newspapers of that time did speculate on her possible relationship with Frohman, (and a relationship and even an engagement to another man).

There is also the mystery of what led her to the burning of some much of her correspondence. It is well known that she was a reclusive person, but what was there in her life that would have necessitated making sure a large portion of her personal history was destroyed?

On the other hand, it's also possible that she was tired of performing. Her health was never exceptionally spectacular, and perhaps the strain of various things led to her decision to leave her incredibly successful acting career.

It's a question, and a mystery, that will probably never actually be fully explained.

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