Fool Moon

I've seen all the Dresden Files television episodes, but this was the first Jim Butcher Dresden Files book I have read (other than a graphic novel adaptation). There's a lot less of Bob in it (and I think his character in the movie is really fascinating), and there's a lot more violence. Still, it's a really great novel.

I like the way he has Dresden having flaws and not being all-powerful. His relationship with Murphy is complex. His abilities are still really major, although he carries a gun at times for some addtional insurance if things go wrong.

I also like how nothing is really simple, and how the baddies, at least some of them, have at least actual depth to them and may not always be as evil as they appear to be. Actually, they may not be what they appear to be at all.

I really enjoyed this novel and I plan to read all of the others in the series.

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