Summer Knight

This is another in the Harry Dresden series of books and it's nothing less than fantastic. Harry still has problems with the Wizard Council. Indeed, some want Harry stripped of all his powers. However, his problems go far beyond that; the wizards and the vampires are at war, and there is a war building in the Nevernever that could have a major impact on humans.

Harry has to help a fairy Queen find out who killed someone, but this turns out to be a major problem in itself. Morgan's still has his full hatred for Harry and someone else is trying to shoot him. So Harry has to find who killed someone, save the entire world, hold off the Wizard's Council and Morgan, and deal with some of the nastiest fairies, ogres and other creatures while, at the same time, making sure he has enough pizza on hand as bribes.

There's an entire war going on, and Harry has to lead a stalwart band of werewolves and others through the major part of the battle in order to reach a certain place and prevent someone else from being murdered. All in all, it's a novel filled with adventure. Really, really good.

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