The Shadow Knows, part 8 : The Shadow Club

There was an official Shadow club.

The Shadow pulp magazine was printed in 7 different languages.

Then there was the Shadow radio programs. Many of these seem to have been lost forever, although Nostalgia Ventures, in their series of Shadow books, seems to have found at least a few of the scripts from missing shows and are reprinting those. Like the pulps, the radio program was done in other languages.

There was a Shadow coloring book.

There were Shadow Big Little Books.

There were also Shadow comic books. Different companies did their own series of books.

Numerous other products are shown in this section.

Then it starts talking about various Shadow movies. In 1931 there were at least four twenty-minute-long movies done in which the Shadow character was a narrator, like on the earliest radio programs.

Then it talks about The Shadow Strikes from 1937.

A 1938 Shadow film.

There was a Shadow movie serial done in 1940.

The Shadow Returns, from 1946.

Behind the Mask, also from 1946.

The Missing Lady, again from 1946.

An un-aired pilot for a show.

The Invisible Avenger, from 1958.

Street and Smith published its own comic book series.

DC Comics Shadow series. There were other series, including one done by Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

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