Nancy Drew: Detective

Movie opening. The movie is loosely based on The Password to Larkspur Lane.

Nancy Drew, her father, and Ted (instead of Ned).

The school Nancy is attending.

A woman who went to the school announces she's giving money to the school.

They were to meet the woman in her father's office, but the woman has left unexpectedly.

The girls don't think the woman ever intended to give them the money, and Nancy says she believes the woman and will prove that she meant to give money to the school.

She's trailing another car.

Their home.

A doctor says he wants to talk to Mr. Drew and is afraid to go to the police. Nancy and her father are told he was kidnapped and taken to treat an old woman, probably the missing lady. They also find out about a password.

The standard evil guy watches them scene.

Nancy and her father are followed by the kidnappers. Nancy gets the drop on them but her father tells her to forget it and go home. Later she runs into Ted.

A carrier pigeon with a message on its leg is found.

The crooks beat the doctor up because he told Nancy and her father about them.

The pigeon escapes and Ted and Nancy follow it.

It seems Nancy has caused the police to go on a wild goose chase. However, once the police leave it's revealed the the guy in the house is really in league with the kidnappers.

They seem someone trying to break into Nancy's house. It turns out it's Mr. Drew.

The thugs had tried to break into the home already. The maid's name is Effie.


The crook did get in and confronts them with a gun (but no mask, of course, making identification easy.) Hollister, the crooked guy, is going to take Mr. Drew on a wild goose chase.

Nancy has gone to a place in the woods with Ted. She gets a (fake) telegram from her father and sees the crook Hollister.

They rent a plane to look for the house they think the old woman (from the beginning of the story) is being held.

Nancy takes a bunch of photos from the plane. After developing them they put the photos together to figure out how to get to the suspicious place they spotted from above.

They locate the road they need.

They figure out a way to sneak into the place.

Nancy finds the old woman who is being held against her will.

The crooks stop them.

The crooks are trying to figure out what to do. Ted and Nancy have been put in the cellar and Nancy admitted to being scared.

Ted uses an old X-ray machine to send Morse code. The broadcast breaks into other radio broadcasts in the area.

Mr. Drew has returned. Someone at the police station decoded the message from Ted.

Ted knocks the gun from the thug's hand and Nancy gets it. She doesn't know how to handle a gun, though.

The police arrive just as Nancy finishes firing off shots wildly.

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