The Lost Files of Nancy Drew

This is one of those scrapbook-sized books that contains loads on information and things to open and look at. It centers on certain of the stories, including The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, The Mystery at Lilac Inn, The Clue in the Diary, The Clue of the Broken Locket, The Secret of the Old Attic, The Ghost of Blackwood Hall, The Mystery at the Ski Jump, The Scarlet Slipper Mystery, The Mystery of the 99 Steps, The Invisible Intruder, The Strange Message in the Parchment and The Thirteenth Pearl. There's also a section on Nancy Drew through the years along with drawings of clothing of the times. Then there's a history of Nancy Drew publication and a really neat set of postcards of covers of the books gone over in this book itself.

This is a really neat book, especially the postcards.

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