Nancy Drew: A Novelization of the Hit Movie!

There are some things about this book that are quite traditional to Nancy Drew books. Mr. Drew is kidnapped. Nancy is nearly killed. There's strange footsteps, a hidden panel and a hidden tunnel. There's also greed, and an attempt by someone to stop someone else from inheriting what is rightfully theirs.

However, there are also some things which I don't feel jib with the canon Nancy Drew. Right off Nancy seems to like the attention she's getting in solving crimes and is somewhat of a show-off. She's also just too perfect. This Nancy seems to know everything, and is not afraid at all to tell other people that they are in the wrong about some bit of knowledge. She is, basically, rather rude at times.

The story starts with Mr. Drew and Nancy going to Los Angeles so he can work on something. Mention is made that he can use the money. That itself doesn't seem quite right.

They are staying in the house of a dead actress. Mr. Drew at one point says something odd happened to him in the bathroom but he never says what it was. Nancy has also told he father that she will not be involved in any sleuthing while they are there, but that, of course, is the exact opposite of what really happens.

She has a lot of trouble at school with the other students (which really isn't that surprising since she seems to be coming off as 'Miss Perfect' and that doesn't sit well with other students at all.)

The second half the book seems to be a little better than the first half, probably because the second half (roughly) is more involved with solving the actual mystery.

Anyhow, I just feel it does not present a realistic Nancy Drew. The story itself, as far as the mystery goes, is fairly decent and normal, but just about everything else seems off-kilter to what I am used to in the Nancy Drew Mystery books.

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