Not A Girl Detective

This had to have been a difficult book to write. It's about a woman that likes Nancy Drew books and is due to speak at a convention. Problem is someone is missing, her house is ransacked and someone slashes her tires, among other things that happen.

You have the Nancy character who is Cece; the Bess character who is Bridget (likes to eat), and the George character, Lael. There's also a boyfriend (Ned becomes turned into policeman Peter Gambino). That part is okay, but how do you write a Nancy Drew-related book without it's become just another Nancy Drew book, or something that only uses Nancy Drew as a prop to put together the rest of the book?

That's really hard to do. I think the author manages to pull that off pretty well, actually. The plot revolves around a painting of the girl that posed for the earliest Nancy Drew book covers, and someone else that wants that painting. To that mix you have to throw in Salvador Dali and the stepmother of the girl and you get a rather full story which turns out to be quite good.

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