The Bunny-Hop Hoax

This is another of the series where Nancy and her friends are in the six grade. The class had a pet hamster but apparently it's managed to escape. Another student brings in a rabbit and the teacher's willing to let it stay for a bit.

Problems arise, though, whenever the students are out of the classroom. The room gets messed up, and it seems the rabbit, Bun Franklin, may be responsible. Nancy wants to find out what is going on and one of her suspects is Brenda, the nasty, self-centered girl with a really bad attitude.

The solution to the mystery is not quite what was expected.

There was one thing I couldn't figure out, though. The girl said the rabbit didn't get along with the family's parrot and I can't quite figure out how those two would even get close enough to each other to be a bother to the other.

Anyhow, it's another cute book in the series.

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