Ace Real Love

June, 1956

New Girl in Town: A woman works for a guy in a radio station and has a crush on him, but he already has another woman after him. (Note: The woman is a telephone operator and is operating one of the old machines where they had to plug things in to process a call.) They did have a romance going until Cynthia came along. Still, there's a way to get rid of Cynthia and win the guy for herself. Nice story.

Warned About Him: Ginger is the main woman and Chuck is a guy looking for a boxing career. She wants to marry him, but her father doesn't want her marrying a boxer. He succeeds but becomes a playboy, causing Ginger heartbreak. She finds a way to get back at him and, of course, it all works out well in the end.

That Elusive Bachelor: Grady is the name of the guy (a photographer) and Shannon is the name of the woman (a model). Grady is very cynical about models and how they act. The two argue quite a bit and Shannon plans to go home to Texas, but Grady has done some growing up.

The Charm Corner (text): Instructions about how to put on make-up.

No-account Kisses: Janet is in love with Henry but is having doubts about his behavior. They are engaged, but he's playing around with the boss's daughter. Meanwhile, another guy has shown an interest in her, but she doesn't believe he's the millionaire that others say he is. Eventually things work out.

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