All Famous Police Cases #7

1952, Star Publications.

Killer at Heart: Concerns a group called the flatland gang. They were the first group to crack an armored car. (This was back in the 1920's). What they did was put dynamite in the road and when the police car and the armored car drove over it, they set it off. (It wasn't a paved road.) Eventually the gang is caught.

The Mask of Crime: A guy that works on representing criminals who don't have the money for a lawyer is actually the man behind a crime wave. The guy is caught but doesn't go to prison for a very basic reason.

Wanted for Murder (Text story): It's about a guy that hated being in prison, but kept committing crimes whenever he got out on parole. This time he gets out, steals things and shoots a policeman, only to be caught later and sentenced to life in prison.

Criminal Disguise: This is about a guy who pretends to be various important people and who bilked a number of people out of a lot of money.

Death is its Only Reward: A musician works in a smuggling racket that comes back to bit him hard.

Trapped!: Police manage to capture a thief who cuts telephone wires.

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