Amazing Ghost Stories


1953, St. John Publishing Company.

Right off there is something odd. This is supposed to be amazing ghost stories, but the cover shows some kind of swamp monsters.

The Death Dolls: First, the story has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with ghosts. Second, the bad guy isn't caught. Third, the ending of the story is not satisfactory.

The Devil from the Deep: Two guys are out fishing. They catch a mermaid. One of the two guys is totally entranced by her. It turns out she's a cannibalistic monster. Again, a story that has absolutely nothing at all to do with ghosts.

Ghosts-With a Sense of Humor (text): This is a factual explanation (acceptable for what was known at the time) about poltergeists and their behavior, including one quite humorous one.

An Eye for An Eye: The head surgeon of a hospital has developed a drinking problem. He screws up, as expected, and payback proves ultra nasty. Again, though, not a trace of a ghost anywhere.

Dream Girl: A musician has been missing. He visited an odd shop where there was a woman who was like a statue but supposedly alive. Things go very wrong for him, of course. Again, no ghosts.

The Pit and the Pendulum: Poe's story. Again, no ghosts.

Ok. Why name a comic using the word 'ghost' in the title and have absolutely nothing at all anywhere having to do with ghosts except for one text entry? It makes no sense. The stories themselves are not all that great, either.


Amazing Ghost Stories #15

1954, St. John's Publishing Company.

Payment in Full: A couple (crooks) are driving in a rainstorm and their car stalls. They make their way on foot to an old house. They see a ghost in the house that wants them to do him a favor. The crooks (mainly the man) try to double-cross the ghost, though, and the ghost gets even.

The Stalking Doom: A guy is talking to his aunt. He's been fired from a movie for being drunk. He later murders his aunt. He didn't reckon with the woman's cat, though, who follows him afterward until it deals with him personally.

Cagliostro-Swindler or Superman? (text, factual): They start talking about the Egyptian Freemasonry of High Science. Then it describes how a new member is initiated. The guy immediately under the president of the group was Cagliostro. Then the story goes into his history and his downfall.

Out of the Unknown: Factual events involving the supernatural.

Kings of Death: A hunter is in the Rockies and kills a white eagle. His guide tells him the eagle was the king of birds and his subjects will avenge him. The hunter also owes a bookie a lot of money. He ends up killing a woman and gets a valuable ring from her. He kills the bookie and then finds out later the birds have not forgotten.

Graveyard Guffaws: Short humorous panels.

All the King's Men: A guy named Wolfe is wanted for murder and hides out at a friend's place in Haiti. The story then tells of a guy that thought he was the emperor of Haiti until his 'subjects' revolted. He also hid gold before dying. Ghosts protect the treasure as Wolfe finds out.


Amazing Ghost Stories #16

St. John's Publishing Company, 1953.

The Widow's Lover: A guy is an executioner using the guillotine. He really loves his job. He retires and realizes he has very little as a pension. He then starts killing men he feels are responsible for problems in society and is later tried and sentenced to death.

The Tentacles of Death: A guy goes to a planet to look into charges of human sacrifice which turn out to be true. He finds a way to deal with the guy responsible for that, and with the monster.

Dr. Osborne's Secret Weapon (text): A good story about invaders from space who attack the United States and can't be defeated by the weapons of the time. One scientist realizes weapons from another time, though, might do the job very well.

The Bloody Sword: A guy is due to inherit a Scottish castle, but his uncle is willing to kill him first. A ghost has a way of preventing that, though.

The Portrait of Death: A guy is shopping when he sees a portrait in one place and the portrait is named Portrait of Death and it's his face. The guy traces down the artist and things get worse from there.

The Finger of Fate: A woman does a good deed for a Tibetan healer and is rewarded in turn.

Graveyard in the Antarctic: A guy discovers a seal equivalent of an elephant's graveyard.

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