Apache Trail

#1, 1957, Steinway Publications.

Apache Attack: This shows one of the problems that the Native Americans had. They were so busy carrying out inter-tribal and intra-tribal fighting that they were never able to put up a unified front against the American military. In this case one group attacks a fort and almost takes it, but another group attacks them from behind, defeating the 'evil' Indian group.

The Sheriff's Return: A couple is taking a tour of the west and stops at a ghost town. The guy's grandfather used to be the sheriff of the town. His ghost appears and warns his grandson to get out of town quickly. Crooks get into the town and threaten the guy and his wife, but his grandfather in ghost form proves too much for the crooks.

#2, 1957, Steinway Comic Publications.

Yellow, for Gold and Cowards: Back in the old west at a gold prospecting camp someone is stealing gold from a sluice. The thief tries to blame a young boy for stealing the gold but it turns out the boy is not quite what he expected him to be. (No Indians in this story).

The Tallest Spar: There's a rivalry between a guy named Red and a guy named Hank on a lumberjack operation. Mike is a bully. His actions also endanger others. The two finally have a showdown.

Nightmare Message (text): A guy is in Brazil looking for oil. They are going to check a tribe that they think has access to oil. The whole thing is, it's the typical story of some corporation/nation coming into a natural area with people already living there and deciding that the oil/valuable material is rightfully theirs and to blazes with the people who already live there. Typical colonial greed.

Boss Lady: Bush Peters is a thug and wants to make trouble for a two women so he can have time to rob a bank. It doesn't work.

This Man Belongs to Texas: Matt Morgan was still a Southern sympathizer after the Civil War. He goes to Alabama after a price is put on his head in Texas. He soon has a price put on his head there so he moves on to yet another state, then back to Texas where his past catches up to him.

As far as this issue having much to do with Native Americans/Indians, it doesn't.

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