Authentic Police Cases #1

1948, St. John Publishing Company.

Who Killed Walter Neilson? (text): A man in a gas station is murdered. The police have a very difficult time in finding a suspect but, through a lot of hard work, they find him. He turns out to be the murderer.

Crime on the Run: Jack Hart is a criminal. During a robbery one of the victims is shot and killed. The call goes out that the crooks must be found. The police get one of the group and he tells the police enough that, with some hard work, they get all the rest of the gang. The story concludes by telling what happened to each of the men.

Mystery Thriller of the Month: This story is about bank robbers. The story shows how the mob pulled off one of their robberies. The police eliminate one known mob, but it's not the right one. A fortunate circumstance leads to the mobs undoing. The police get there in time to catch the entire group.

Lucky Coyne: Some thugs throw a body off a pier into the water. A man and a woman see it and try to find out what happened, but the thugs catch both and throw them off along with another man. Fortunately all three of them are rescued. The case involves a guy building a dam and cheating on its construction.

Hale, the Magician: Signor Diablo is the name of the crook and Hale is a magician. Hale shows that the guy was nothing but a crook tricking people out of their money.

Chief White Wolf: He was friends with Wild Bill Cody and was killed by another Indian who was jealous of him. (One-page)

Eddie: one page, supposed to be funny but isn't.

Foxy Grandpa: Two pages, again, supposed to be funny but isn't.

Minstrels: Racist page. One joke that's actually funny, one that isn't.

Medicine Man: Not racist, at least, but not funny, either.

Tracy the Outlaw: Another single page entry. He killed a state's marshall, stole an Indian squaw and escaped from prison, only to be found and trapped by lawmen. He took his own life rather than surrender.

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