Badmen of the West #1

1953, Magazine Enterprises Inc.

Billy the Kid: He started killing people when he was twelve and ended up killing twenty-one. That doesn't count the Indians that he killed. The first man he killed was a guy that had insulted his mother. Once he killed five men in less than five minutes.

Jesse James: He tended to rob trains and banks. When he was around 14 he was lashed by Northern soldiers for some unstated reason. Therefore, it wasn't surprising when he joined various Confederate guerrilla groups. When the war ended he tried to surrender but was shot instead, so in some ways it's not surprising that he became violent and involved in crime. He eventually was shot in the back by someone who was supposed to be working for him.

Knight of the Flaming Sixguns: This is about Wild Bill Hickock. He fought bravely against the crooks and hoodlums of the time, only to be shot in the back in the end.

The Dalton Boys: They started out on the side of the law, but when one brother was killed trying to arrest a gunslinger they changed sides. (Which doesn't make much sense, really.) They tended to rob banks and trains.

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