Beyond #8

January 1952, ace publications.

Daughters of Doom: A guy (Dan) takes a job at a cemetery as a watchman. The two previous ones were murdered, apparently by a vampire. He gets attacked by a female vampire, but she backs off and leaves him alone. The girl he is to marry comes from a family that supposedly had vampires in it. A sister in an insane asylum proves of importance.

True Tales of the Supernatural. A town in England had a mining accident in which a particular guy was killed. His 15-year-old son later worked at the mine. There was an accident, the boy was trapped, and his father got him out, but workers found his father a short time after and he had been dead a week.

The Winged Spectres of Dismal Swamp. A guy is hired by a university to check out odd things in a swamp. He encounters a giant glowing moth. His car is wrecked and the moth tells him to follow it. There are a bunch of moths pinned in a display that he is told to free, and he later finds out the story behind the moths.

True Tales of the Supernatural. This is a story about a clown that kills a woman and later can't get his makeup off.

Valley of the Macabre. A professor is talking about werewolves and a person in the audience challenges him. The guy is from a society of skeptics. They go to a foreign country to prove or disprove the existence of werewolves. Things go very, very wrong for the skeptic.

Dead Man's Revenge (text story). A strange story of a murdered guy whose soul somehow ended up in a dog.

Ancient Curse of the Medusa: A professor and his son are on a Greek island to do research on its myths. Some strange person appears to them and tries to warn them off the island, but they stay and follow him. They run into the Medusa.

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