Chamber of Chills #21

1951, Witch's Tales Inc.

The Old Hag of the Hills: A guy named Noonan belongs to a family that has been killing witches for a long time and one witch has vowed revenge. The witch lures him to Ireland and then changes herself to make her look like a beautiful woman. This is sort of a story dealing with the strength of the Christian religion to deal with evil things.

The Avenging Spectre (text): Some crooks kill the wrong guy who then gets his vengeance on them.

Darker Than Death: A sheriff tells some travelers about a cursed/haunted house. The group goes there anyways and the husband finds a type of monster inside.

Gorilla (text): A loose gorilla kills people.

Strange Customs: factual material.

Gray Death (text): A rather predictable ending.

Tricks to Mystify Your Friends: factual material.

The Chieftain of the Undead: On a south seas island a child is born and an old woman says he will be evil. He grows up evil and stays evil, even after death.

Terror in the Heavens: Something which seems to be presented as fact but isn't about a planet hitting Jupiter.

The Ghost of the Rue de Morte: The story starts with a bunch of young thugs in Paris around 1900 or so. This is the first decent story in the issue.

How Death Valley Got its Name: Factual material.

Weird Worlds: Seems to be presented as factual but it isn't.

Overall the stories in this comic are not very good, and the material dealing with outer space, which seems to be presented as factual, is totally made up.

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